1923 Season 2 Renewal: Get Ready For More On Paramount+

1923 Season 2

The history of Yellowstone National Park might be thought of as a jigsaw. You wouldn’t believe the iconic cowboy drama could get any more convoluted. Still, thanks to creator Taylor Sheridan’s output of spinoffs, prequels, and prequel-prequels, the Dutton family tree is now being taken as seriously as the House of Stark and House of Lannister in Game of Thrones.

There was the limited prequel series set in 1883, the forthcoming 6666 spinoff (which, alas, does not send John Dutton into the far future to combat aliens in space), and now the 1923 prequel starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.

A prequel to the Yellowstone series proper and a pseudo-sequel to the 1883 prequel, 1923 follows the Dutton family as they endure a time of starvation, economic downturn, and big game-hunting in Africa. Have you got it all? To reiterate! Puzzle.

Sheridan hinted back in October that it could take two full eight-episode seasons to cover everything that happened to the Dutton family in Montana during 1923. Thanks to a swift renewal for Season 2, he will reportedly get that.

The Hollywood Reporter announced through a tweet about renewal of second season of 1923:

What Has Happened In 1923?

Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren) had begged her nephew Spencer (Brandon Sklenar) to stop hunting big game in Africa and come home to defend the family ranch after Harrison Ford’s Jacob Dutton was attacked by sheep-herder Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn) at the startling end of Episode Three.

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John Dutton Sr. (James Badge Dale), one of his brothers, was slain in the attack, and his nephew. Jack just escaped with his life. In the meantime, Creighton is strengthening his forces with the support of Donald Whitfield, portrayed by Timothy Dalton, a wealthy business tycoon.

To What Ends Does 1923 Season 2 Lead?

To What Ends Does 1923 Season 2 Lead

Not much can be said about Season 2 because we’re only approximately halfway through the first arc of 1923. We still have no idea who, if anyone, will survive until the end of Season 1. Yet, based on what we have seen, we may assume that Spencer will have a significant role in future episodes.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Brendan Sklenar said, “From this point on, there is a noticeable transformation in not only the plot itself, but also in him as a person.” Spencer still has “a lot to conquer before he can get [back to the Dutton ranch],” he said, dubbing his narrative “the hero’s journey.”

He made light of the situation by saying, “Taylor doesn’t make it easy for anybody in creating these shows.” The second half of Season 5 of the flagship Yellowstone series will premiere this summer as well.

When Will Season 2 Of 1923 Premiere?

The premiere date for Season 2 of 1923 has not been set at this time. However it is likely to occur in late 2023 or early 2024.

Compared to 1883, which is self-contained (barring the Bass Reeves spinoff), 1923’s renewal for a second season was announced in early February. It’s not shocking that its premiere attracted 7.4 million viewers, the most of any cable show in the United States in 2022.

The first episode of the first season premiered on Paramount+ in December 2022, after having begun production in July 2022. Season 2 might air by the end of the year, depending on when production begins.

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