2 Teenagers In A Stolen Kia Are Involved In A Collision With A Police Car

2 Teenagers In A Stolen Kia Are Involved In A Collision With A Police Car

Two juvenile offenders in Columbus, Ohio, hurt a police officer when their stolen car slammed into a cruiser.

A representative for the Columbus Police Department said that at approximately 7:15 a.m., officers were sent to the 3600 block of Karl Road in response to complaints of an armed robbery at a nearby company. In this case, the suspects escaped before the police arrived.

Based on our preliminary research, we know that the suspects were using a stolen Kia.

The tweet below confirms the news:

The suspect car was found at Walford Street and Elmore Avenue two hours later, according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson and the Clinton Township Police Department.

Heavily damaged were both vehicles after the suspect’s car slammed into a responding Columbus police cruiser, the spokesperson said. However, authorities did note that the Kia was going faster than the posted 25 mph limit in the area, even though they didn’t know precisely how fast it was going at the time of the accident.

Here we also covered the other news like:

Police Send Him To The Hospital

The cop was trapped inside his cruiser after the collision and had to be freed. First responders stabilized him, sending him to a nearby hospital for more treatment. He had a stable vital sign reading.

The juvenile offenders were extracted from the vehicle and given medical attention. The kids, however, attempted to flee on foot during their treatment.

A spokeswoman informed media outlets that law enforcement had located and arrested the juveniles without additional incident. A weapon was also found and taken into custody.

After the initial crash investigation, no charges were brought.

As this story progresses and new details emerge, we will post updates.

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