Unforgettable Moments: A Cat from Our World and the Forgotten Witch Manga Reaches its Climax!

Unforgettable Moments A Cat from Our World and the Forgotten Witch Manga Reaches its Climax!

A Cat From Our World and the Forgotten Witch (Isekai Neko to Fukigen no Majo), a manga by Hiro Kashiwaba, reached its climax on June 26 and will conclude in the book’s next chapter, according to the 29th chapter. On July 24, Shogakukan will release the manga’s thirty-first chapter.

The manga was licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment, which will release the first volume of the compilation book in English on January 2. According to Seven Seas, the tale is:

A charming story about a huge cat that an elderly, alone witch summons to a mythical world.

The tweet below confirms the title:

The people Jeanne saved had forgotten about her and her heroic deeds over time. When she was younger, Jeanne was a strong sorceress who defeated the terrible Demon King and saved the world. She is currently an elderly woman with a limited vocabulary who lives alone in a remote forest…until she calls a cat from Earth to her house.

The once-tiny city cat has grown into a behemoth and must adjust to this new environment by Jeanne’s side. Can this adorable kitten make the forgotten witch feel less lonely by eating the meal Jeanne makes and offering his head for pats?

In August 2021, Kashiwaba published the manga on the Yawaraka Spirits website of Shogakukan. On April 12, Shogakukan released the fourth volume of the manga’s compilation book; the fifth volume will be released this summer.

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