A Cruise Ship Guest Died After Falling From A Balcony And Hitting Another Person On A Lower Level

A Cruise Ship Guest Died After Falling From A Balcony And Hitting Another Person On A Lower Level

Over the weekend, a guest on a Virgin Voyages cruise ship died after falling from the balcony, hitting someone else, and landing on a lower deck.

A “medical issue” involving a passenger occurred when the cruise line’s Valiant Lady ship was sailing toward Roatan, Honduras, shortly after its first departure on Sunday, according to a Virgin Voyages spokesman who talked with Insider.

“Despite obtaining timely medical care, this passenger who fell over their balcony and onto a lower deck has already gone tragically. We are very sorry for this person’s passing, and our thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones “The declaration read.

According to the speaker, the individual who fell also collided with another passenger on the lower deck, however, neither person sustained major injuries.

The cruise ship was promptly sent back to Miami after the incident. Since then, it has again departed to continue the voyage with minor modifications to the original schedule.

Requests for comment from Insider were not immediately answered by the FBI or the Miami Police Department.

Insider Transportation confirms the news of a passenger who died after falling from a cruise ship balcony:

Video of announcements made to guests on board, including one telling them that the ship was turning around at roughly 11 p.m. due to a medical issue, was posted by a YouTuber who was on the trip.

In the hours that followed, J. Alexander, who operates the YouTube channel The Shiplife, said he learned from other passengers that someone had fallen from a balcony. The captain said that someone had fallen and died somewhere about 8 a.m.

Alexander said that the event left everyone on board scared and that some decided to exit in Miami rather than continue the voyage.

Moreover, he said that Virgin Voyages had been very helpful and had given customers future trip credits.

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