After Fatal Shooting In 8300 Highland, KCPD Detains Suspect

After Fatal Shooting In 8300 Highland, KCPD Detains Suspect

A person of interest has been held by the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department following a fatal shooting on Sunday night in the 8300 block of Highland Avenue.

Around 8:15 p.m., according to police, they were sent to a residence in that neighborhood in response to a complaint for shots fired, which was upgraded to a shooting call as they traveled to the scene. When they arrived, the police were told to go inside the house, where they discovered an adult male shooting victim who was not breathing.

Police assisted and requested EMS to the location. The person was declared dead by EMS.

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According to KCPD’s first findings, the shooting occurred inside the house.

While investigating the person of interest, the police said they were not looking for any further suspects. The KCPD requests that anyone who sees or hears anything call the TIPS Hotline or 816-234-5043 to report it anonymously.

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