Against The Ropes Cast: Is Against The Ropes A True Story?

Against The Ropes Cast

We’d like to recommend a new comedy-drama series for your weekend viewing pleasure. Against the Ropes is a Netflix show that you will most likely try to watch all at once because it has only 10 episodes. It premiered on Netflix on January 25 and is rapidly gaining viewers.

Contra las Cuerdes (Against the Ropes) is a Mexican original series produced by Netflix and created by Carolina Rivera. The Netflix comedy-drama Daughter from Another Mother, which she co-created with Fernando Sariana, is her claim to fame.

The story follows Angela, a lady who gets released from prison after serving six years for a crime she did not commit. She has to get her life back on track and woo Roco, her daughter, back over to her side. Angelia decides to try to win back her daughter’s respect by wrestling as her lucha libre fanatic alter ego, Novia Negra.

You should know who will be appearing in this comedy-drama if you plan on tuning in regularly. The Against the Ropes cast list is provided below.

Against The Ropes Cast

Caraly Sánchez stars as the title character, Angela, an ex-con who is fighting to win back her daughter’s affection. Prior roles include La Bandida, Somos., Cómo sobrevivir soltero, and Un extrao enemigo on Spanish television.

Roco, Angela’s little girl, is portrayed by Alisson Santiago. She’s just starting out, thus she hasn’t acted in many many films yet. However, she has been in the Spanish drama film Presencias and the television series Vecinos.

The full list of actors and actresses can be found below:

  • Caraly Sánchez as Ángela \sAlisson Santiago as Rocío \sScarlet Gruber as Dulce Caramelo
  • The role of Josefina is played by Michelle Rodriguez
  • Maria Giovanna Zacarias as Refugio
  • Malena as Mara Balam
  • Lucia is played by Valentina Buzzurro
  • Maria Carmen Ramos Cuauhtli Jiménez

Is Against The Ropes A True Story?

Is Against The Ropes A True Story

Against the Ropes” is fiction. Olfa Masmoudi, Andre Palavicini Blanco, Carmen Castro, Cynthia Fernández Trejo, and Carolina Rivera wrote the realistic story. The show is fictional yet based on real-life female luchadors. Lucha Libre, a Mexican freestyle wrestling style that began in the early 20th century, features colorful masks, wrestlers with distinct identities, and stylized moves and grips.

Wrestling fans worldwide like the sport. Caraly Sánchez, who plays Ángela, told Super Luchas that the cast and crew trained with WWE and lucha libre wrestlers. Ludark, Stephanie Vaquer, Theris, Goddess Nix, Hatana, Brigit The Celtic Goddess, and Lady Apache were renowned female luchadors. Sánchez commended the wrestlers’ hard effort and lessons.

“Getting to know them as individuals, entering their world, their customs, all that they are as human beings, encompassed us all and connected us. We all said, “Let’s make this a tribute.” I respect and adore them all. Since Goddess Nix and Hatana were with us throughout training, I suppose we became closer to them. Lady Apache ruled the castle. I spent more time living with folks that supported us and were tolerant of us. “I love them all,” the actress said.

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The Netflix series explores WWE, the world’s largest professional wrestling company, as well as lucha libre. The episode stars Norman Smiley and Rey Mysterio, who taught the ensemble about wrestling. “During training, “Black Magic” Norman Smiley from WWE was with us,” Sánchez stated. He supervised and assisted us.”

The actress said, “Rey Mysterio arrived nervous about recording, and I replied, ‘Why are you nervous? You’re Mysterio. So he said, ‘When you get into the ring, aren’t you nervous?’ I answered, ‘Yes, because that’s not what I do,’ and he said, ‘Well, it’s the same, I don’t do this either, but as long as we put a lot of love and attention into it, everything will end out well.’

After Rey Mysterio said that, my entrance was different. Norman supported us generously. He told us, ‘just trust that you can do it,’ and was our cheerleader.”

Sánchez also said the story highlights women’s wrestling and gender inequities in the arena. “More women-led stories like this are needed. Wrestling is legendary and part of our culture and heritage. Women’s wrestling is still behind, while male wrestlers get paid better.” The show also humorously explores how mothers’ and daughters’ bittersweet but deep bonds influence women’s personalities.

Thus, “Against the Ropes” realistically portrays Mexican culture and history through wrestling and female friendships. The writers created an engaging story with real-life observations, wrestling interactions, and plenty of fantasy. In addition, their professional training has helped the performers bring the story to life and make their characters more believable.

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