How Much Money Does Alison Victoria Make? A Look at the ‘Windy City Rehab’ Star’s Net Worth

Alison Victoria Net Worth

As the old adage goes, “Good things come in small packages,” and Windy City Rehab anchor Alison Victoria’s great talent is bursting out of her tiny frame. She’s made numerous TV appearances, bringing her signature flair and a keen eye for restoration to homes, apartments, and kitchens around the country.

We’re not complaining that she hasn’t stopped working for the past decade. She has great worth as a person. Is her wealth commensurate with her status, though? Alright, let’s start swimming.

Alison Victoria Net Worth

Alison Victoria’s current situation is not terrible (or shabby chic, as the case may be).  She has an estimated $3 million in wealth. Alison has a varied resume, but her hosting gig on Windy City Rehab is likely where she’s bringing in the most cash right now.

She has had numerous opportunities to earn a substantial income as a designer, host, producer, and sometimes writer. She is also developing her own brand of wine. As expected, companies and brands have come out to Alison now that she is becoming well-known. She announced their collaboration on Instagram in February 2022. the firm was Blue Star Cooking.

“It’s actually here and I couldn’t be more proud or more excited for my partnership and new color collection with Blue Star Cooking! It’s a field of greens and you don’t want to miss it,” she wrote in the caption.

How Did Alison Victoria Find Her Way to Design Work?

How Did Alison Victoria Find Her Way to Design Work

In an interview with Refinery29 from 2014, Alison gave us a nostalgic trip down memory lane. “I started redesigning my best friend Britt’s room at the age of 8,” she said. To expose the hardwood floors underneath, we tore up the carpet, and painted everything peach (it was the ’80s, so peach was HOT) and we rearrange the furniture.

Alison was already considering the efficient use of space in her childhood shared bedroom with her sister.

Alison Victoria Interiors, her own design firm, led naturally to her appearance on television. Alison realized her opportunity when she received a mass email inviting Chicago designers to take part in a reality-design show.

“I responded within seconds, letting them know they should look no further,” she said.

Fact: She was working on a project when the show’s producers tracked her down to Chicago’s Trump Tower. What they provided was not what she had hoped for. They considered casting her as a ghost designer on the reality show House Crashers. And no, the designer is not a ghost.

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“What that meant was that I would design the space, make a board, and have my logo on television for two seconds,” Alison explained. She agreed because she didn’t think she’d be there for long. Alison was quickly thrust into the spotlight.

In 2011, Alison Victoria made history as the show’s first female host, which paved the way for her to join Windy City Rehab. Who knows where she would be if not for her tenacity and audacity? Given her enthusiasm for restoration and design, Alison would probably still be hard at work, but we wouldn’t get to see the results. We were fortunate that she kept going so that we could come along for the ride.

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