Among Us PC Requirements: Do All Platforms Support Among Us?

Among Us PC Requirements

Among Us PC Requirements: After taking the world by storm during the quarantine, the game has returned with some significant improvements. New and veteran players alike were given a fresh dose of enthusiasm after watching the five-minute trailer that Innersloth just released to announce the upgrade. One of the new features is a monetary shop where players may purchase adornments and accessories for their characters.

Among Us PC Requirements

System Requirements (Minimum)

  • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1+
  • VIDEO CARD: Info

Do All Platforms Support Among Us?

Do All Platforms Support Among Us
Do All Platforms Support Among Us

Source: ARPOST

The dynamics of Among Us were similar to those of Mafia and werewolf games. All of the Crewmates must be eliminated by the Imposters, and the Imposters must be located by the Crew. It’s not rocket science, is it? No longer, though! The game has been made considerably more demanding and exciting for all players by the addition of revolutionary new roles.

Alternate Functions

The new responsibilities of the crew members are as follows:

Scientist – Researchers have access to vials that, when utilized properly, reveal suspicious locations on maps. However, the player must complete activities in order to recharge this ability and utilize it again.

Engineer –  Engineers have the ability to use vents as a means of transportation. It’s a helpful tool for evading, hiding from, and spying on impostors. They will, however, be accountable to the panel and will need to demonstrate their innocence.

Guardian Angel – Once they’ve passed on, they can serve as a guardian angel for a specific member of the crew. If used properly, the survivor can pinpoint the murderer and eliminate them from the game.

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As an added function, impostors also:

Shapeshifter – Transforms temporarily into another member of the crew as necessary. This is a crucial ability, as it may quickly cause broad uncertainty among the crew, making them suspicious of one another. The drawback is that the change is only momentary, and they are guaranteed to die if a player catches them in the act of transforming.

Upgraded Functions

Achieved Goals – One of the most-requested additions is the ability to unlock tiers of achievements. The number of victories on each map is only one example of the many trophies you can earn.
Account Linking – Connecting your accounts across devices means you can share your in-game items with others.

Cosmicubes And New In-Game Cosmetics

Beans – Beans can be used to purchase in-game items such as clothing and Cosmicubes. Beans are obtainable throughout the course of regular gameplay.

Stars – Stars are the currency used to purchase rare things and Cosmicubes with real money.

Pods – Players with an active Cosmicube can gather Pods, and each Pod has unique content.

Experience Points (XP) – During gameplay, you earn XP that can be used to advance your character’s level. Beans and pods become available at increasing rates as you progress through the game.

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