What’s The Cause Of Amy Winehouse Death? According To Amy Winehouse’s Brother, Bulimia Caused Her Death

Amy Winehouse Death

British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse has died. Her soulful, emotionally-charged contralto singing and her deft manipulation of rhythm and blues, and jazz earned her widespread acclaim.

Before signing with Simon Fuller’s 19 Management in 2002, Winehouse performed in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. She was only 27 when she passed away on July 23rd, 2011, in Camden Town, London, England.

Amy Winehouse Death

It was widely known that Amy Winehouse had a hard time kicking her heroin habit. But, a source claims that her family now suspects that her unexpected decision to stop drinking may have contributed to her untimely death on 23 July 2011.

An anonymous family member of Winehouse’s told Britain’s Sun that Winehouse recently stopped drinking all at once despite medical advice to wean herself off alcohol gradually. That was too much of a change for her, the source says, and her loved ones are worried about her health.

Tragically, the music industry has lost yet another gifted performer. It’s no secret that Winehouse has struggled with substance abuse in recent years.

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Amy Winehouse’s Brother, Bulimia Caused Her Death

Amy Winehouse Brother Claims, Bulimia Caused Her Death

Although she died in 2011 from alcohol poisoning, her brother Alex has come forward to claim that her struggle with the eating disorder—which typically entails vomiting to get rid of undesirable food—was a contributing factor in her untimely demise.

“She suffered from bulimia quite badly,” he said, according to The Observer Magazine. Well, you could tell by just looking at her, so that’s not exactly groundbreaking information. In her current state of affairs, death was inevitable, but it was the bulimia that ultimately proved fatal.

That’s horrible to the extreme… The experience, I believe, made her more fragile and frail overall. She could have been healthier and more powerful if she hadn’t suffered from an eating disorder.

According to Winehouse’s sibling, she was influenced negatively by a group of girls when she was 17 and began to acquire the illness. They would smother their food in fatty condiments, then hurl it back up.

They ultimately decided to quit, but Amy never really relented. We were all aware of her deceitful behavior, but stopping it is next to impossible if you aren’t willing to talk about it. The problem is quite severe and gloomy.

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