Ana Walshe’s Husband Is Charged With Murder In Her Disappearance

Ana Walshes Husband Is Charged With Murder In Her Disappearance

According to a district attorney, a Massachusetts man was charged with murder on Thursday in connection with the disappearance of his wife Ana Walshe, a corporate real estate manager and mother who vanished at the beginning of the year.

When officials said they discovered proof he murdered and mutilated his wife and gruesomely disposed of her remains, Brian Walshe was previously charged in January with murder and other crimes in connection with the disappearance of his wife. He entered a not-guilty plea to all charges.

According to Norfolk County District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey, the case will be arraigned again after the grand jury’s indictment on Thursday, which transfers the case from district court to the county superior court.

According to Morrissey, the grand jury charged 48-year-old Brian Walshe with murder, deceiving investigators, and unlawfully transporting a human corpse.

The 39-year-old Ana Walshe’s employer reported her missing on January 4 and her husband told detectives he last saw her leave their Cohasset home for a business trip on New Year’s Day, prompting a large hunt for her.

The following terrifying online searches were discovered by investigators, according to the prosecution: “How long until a corpse begins to smell?

Detectives also discovered 10 trash bags of evidence at a waste collection facility, which had a hacksaw, a hatchet, and various objects with Brian and Ana Walshe’s DNA on them, according to the prosecution.

On January 8, Brian Walshe was detained on suspicion of deceiving investigators. On January 18, he was arraigned on charges of murder and unlawfully disinterring a body. This was the first day that prosecutors publicly stated that they believed Ana Walshe had died, though they did not specify whether her body had been discovered.

The tweet below by CNN on their official account confirms the news:

Prosecutors said Brian Walshe murdered his wife to terminate their marriage during his January arraignment in Quincy district court. They also claimed that he told police false information about some of his acts and locations in the days that followed her disappearance.

Prosecutor Lynn Beland said at the January hearing that “it is likely that Brian Walshe dismembered Ana Walshe and dumped her corpse, rather than divorcing her.”

According to the district attorney’s office, Walshe is being detained without the chance to post bond.

Brian Walshe will continue to be protected by the Constitution’s presumption of innocence and other rights throughout the lengthy process, according to Morrissey. “We are grateful to the investigators who spent so much time gathering the evidence in this case and the witnesses who helped us get to this point,” the statement reads.

In January, Brian Walshe’s defense attorney Tracy Miner said that the prosecution’s case was weak and claimed that she hadn’t yet received the evidence.

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How We Arrived

According to a police affidavit, Brian Walshe told authorities that he last saw his wife the morning of January 1, when she allegedly informed him that she had a business emergency in Washington, DC, and left their house. According to a friend, Ana Walshe, who had three children with her husband, resided with her family in Massachusetts and commuted to Washington, D.C., for business on weekdays.

Prosecutors said there is no proof Ana Walshe arrived in Washington or took her typical ridesharing or cab to the airport. The husband said that on January 2, he spent time with his children and the remainder of the day performing errands for his mother.

Authorities contend that Brian Walshe made up the running of the errands and went to Home Depot on January 2 without disclosing it, where they claim he spent $450 on cleaning goods such mops, buckets, and tarps.

According to detectives, Tishman Speyer, a real estate firm, reported Ana Walshe missing to the police on January 4.

According to Brian Walshe’s defence counsel, her spouse phoned her place of employment to inquire about its knowledge of her movements before the business alerted the police.

Two law enforcement officials informed on the case at the time told CNN that as a days-long search for Ana Walshe continued, detectives started to divert their attention to concerns that she may have been slain.

Prosecutors claim that the following pieces of evidence were found: blood and a bloody knife in the Walshes’ basement; dumpsters filled with what appeared to be Ana Walshe’s possessions; blood stains; a hacksaw, a hatchet, cleaning supplies, and other items thought to be relevant to the case; items with Brian and Ana Walshe’s DNA on them; and surveillance footage showing the husband throwing bags into nearby dumpsters.

Prosecutors claim that between January 1 and 2, after Brian Walshe said his wife had left the house, Ana Walshe’s mobile phone also rang nearby their residence.

Additionally, prosecutors said Brian Walshe made grim Google searches – including some on their son’s iPad. Those searches, according to prosecutors, included: “10 ways to dispose of a dead body if you really need to”; “dismemberment and the best ways to dispose of a body”; and “can you be charged with murder without a body.”

The latest in a succession of legal challenges for the husband is the accusation against Brian Walshe. He entered a guilty plea to three federal fraud counts in 2021 that were associated with a plot to sell phony Andy Warhol artwork online.

He was involved in a court dispute about his father’s estate in 2019. A family acquaintance and a cousin said Walshe was aggressive and unreliable throughout the argument.

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