Who Is Anna Kendrick Dating In 2023? Are Anna Kendrick And Bill Hader Dating?

Anna Kendrick Dating

Anna Kendrick is an Academy Award nominee and well-known American actress who has been in numerous blockbuster films. She had her acting debut in the hit Broadway musical High Society when she was only a little girl.

She was born in Portland, Maine. She portrayed a supporting part in the New York City Opera’s production of A Little Night Music by Stephen Sondheim, for which she won a Theatre World Award. You may find the solution to the question of who Anna Kendrick is dating in the year 2023 below.

Who Is Anna Kendrick Dating In 2023?

Anna Kendrick, star of “Pitch Perfect,” may not talk much about her past relationships, but she has been in quite a few.

The actress revealed details of a “toxic” relationship in which she was cheated on and “gaslit” in 2023, but she did not name her lover.

This is every man in the film industry to whom Kendrick has been associated, from directors to cameramen.

Are Anna Kendrick And Bill Hader Dating?

Recently, Kendrick dated Bill Hader, who stars in the TV show Barry. A source told PEOPLE in January of 2021, “For almost a year, Anna and Bill have been dating in secrecy. It’s been a long time since they first met.

She’s hosted SNL, and they starred in a film together; however, they didn’t start dating until long after filming wrapped. They like to keep to themselves, and the epidemic made it simple for them to do so.”

Most recently, Kendrick and Hader co-starred in the 2019 Disney+ holiday film Noelle as beautiful siblings. Us Weekly heard from a reliable source that Hader and Kendrick became closer over the last year due to their shared status as single people.

PEOPLE was informed by a source that Hader and Kendrick hit it off because of their shared humor “They must always keep each other laughing since they are both hilarious. She reports being really content.”

However, things didn’t work out, and the couple allegedly broke up in June 2022, but neither has addressed the rumors or confirmed the separation.

Hader was previously connected to The O.C.’s Rachel Bilson, who he co-starred with in the 2013 adolescent rom-com The To-Do List, directed by Maggie Carey, Hader’s ex-wife. Carey and Hader, who share three daughters, divorced in 2018; Bilson and Hader split in July 2020.

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When Did Anna Kendrick Date Edgar Wright?

Kendrick started dating Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World filmmaker Edgar Wright in 2009. A source claims that the physical separation between Kendrick in Los Angeles and Wright in London contributed to the dissolution of their relationship in 2013.

When Did Anna Kendrick Date Edgar Wright

Kendrick also said in 2012 that the constant paparazzi and media attention was hard on their relationship, saying, “As soon as I saw the paparazzi images with Wright, I began to weep. Like if a photo of you sleeping had been sent to you through email. It had a menacing and unsettling vibe. Until now, it has. I’ve been trying to block it out.”

Anna Kendrick And Jake Gyllenhaal Reportedly Dated

There were rumors of a relationship between Kendrick and Jake Gyllenhaal when they both featured in the September 2011 police thriller End of Watch playing a boyfriend and girlfriend who eventually get married.

When promoting the film, Kendrick did reveal to Mario Lopez that Gyllenhaal is “someone who can give a terrific kiss. A true gentleman, he is.” During shooting, she stated that she enjoyed caressing his shaved head, but she also likes Him “with a little stubble.”

A few months before, she had also revealed the identity of Taylor Swift’s scarf inspiration to E! News, saying, “We used very small cameras, a bare minimum of lights, and a skeleton crew to film [End of Watch]. Improvisation was heavily used. Extreme closeness was sensed. You never break character because you’re always engaging in action. Jake and I would be holding hands and then realize that we weren’t really in the middle of a scene.”

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