American heiress and Reality Star Anna Shay’s Net Worth

Anna Shay Net Worth

Anna Shay, star of Bling Empire, passed away in June 2023 at the age of 62, having amassed a fortune in her career. Read on to learn more about the late reality star’s fortune and career.

Anna Shay Net Worth

American heiress and reality star Anna Shay was worth an estimated $600 million. In 2021, Anna Shay became a household name thanks to her role in the smash hit Netflix reality show “Bling Empire.”

Cherie Chan, Kane Lim, Christine Chiu, Gabriel Chiu, Kim Lee, and others starred in the drama, which followed the lives of affluent Asian Americans in Los Angeles. Outside of “Bling Empire,” Shay was active in philanthropy with the Shay Foundation, named after her parents who passed away.

Unfortunately, 62-year-old Anna Shay passed away from a stroke on June 5, 2023.

The Billionaire Heiress of Pacific Architects and Engineers

The Billionaire Heiress of Pacific Architects and Engineers

Anna Shay is a billionaire because her father, the late Edward Shay, was worth that much. By establishing Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE), Edward amassed a fortune.

Since its founding in 1955, the private defense contractor has grown to become a key service provider for countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as for agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency. After World War II, Pacific Architects and Engineers initially assisted in rebuilding Japan.

Edward divested himself 40% of the company to an ESOP in 1974. In 1988, he made another purchase of these shares. After Edward passed away in 1995, his son Allen, Anna’s younger brother, assumed the role of CEO and Chairman.

In a 2006 cash deal worth $1.2 billion, Lockheed Martin purchased PAE. Prior to its sale to Platinum Equity in 2016, the company had been owned by private equity firm Lockheed, who sold it to Lindsay Goldberg in 2011 for $700 million.

The sale of PAE resulted in a massive financial windfall for Anna, her brother, and their mother.

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Anna’s Beverly Hills Home Sells for $13.85 Million

Anna purchased a Beverly Hills property for $9.35 million in 2011. In April of 2020, she put the house on the market for $16 million. In June 2021, it was sold for $13.85 million. Shirley Temple, then eight years old, stayed in the home after it was built in 1926.

The house was owned by infamous Italian mobster Tony Milano in the 1940s and 1950s. Watch this video to see around Anna’s old house:

Anna paid $5.75 million in March of 2020 for a home that had been purchased by Dr. Phil but was actually being lived in by Phil’s son Jordan McGraw.You can follow us on Twitter if you’d like to see how much other well-known celebrities are worth, where we have consistently kept you informed with the most recent and newest news breaking stories.

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