Are Giannina and Damian Still Together 2022, or They Went Their Own Ways?

Are Giannina and Damian Still Together 2022: and other such questions will be discussed here. Learn the full story of how Damian Powers and Gianna Gibelli met and fell in love. In that case, if you’re interested, stick around. They split up after experiencing many ups and downs throughout their time together on the dating program, in quarantine in 2020, and on the set of Love Is Blind: After the Altar, where Damian’s irresponsible invitation led to some jaw-dropping cameos by prominent individuals.

Even though the reunion special didn’t resolve many open questions, Giannina recently opened out about where they are now. The last time Damian and I went out on a date was. My health is improving. At this very moment, I feel nothing but joy. In my opinion, I’m in a great place at the moment. The interview took place in August 2021, and she told ET that.

The revelation of Gianinna’s new beau is evidence that at least one of them is doing OK. Find out what happened to the show’s most loved pair in this recap! There was no avoiding a separation under these conditions.

Are Giannina and Damian Still Together 2022?

It has been three years since Damian made his announcement on the show Love is Blind that he did not want to be married. The couple has concluded that they can no longer continue their relationship as a direct result of this comment. After Damian has turned down Giannina at the altar, the viewers appear to want him to go to the party with Francesca Fargo, who was formerly his girlfriend but is now his ex-girlfriend. Francesca was formerly his girlfriend.

In the year 2020, Giannina and Damian were one of the many couples who decided to take the plunge and get married. Giannina’s disappointment at the fact that Damian would not be attending the wedding with her was understandable. She took off running, but while she was running, she slid in the mud and tore the garments she was wearing.

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Who is Giannina Milday?

Venezuelan-born Giannina Milday Gibelli grew raised in Caracas. Sadly, her family remains unknown. She may also have siblings. Gibelli rose to prominence on Netflix’s “Love is Blind” reality program. This show matches singles who never meet. On the show, candidates like Gibelli avoid physical attraction and focus on emotional connection.

Gibelli earned an advertising and public relations degree from UCF. She became a retail consultant and trained individuals on how to market hair care items. Gibelli got his first reality program, “Love is Blind,” in 2020.

Are Giannina and Damian Still Together 2022
Are Giannina and Damian Still Together 2022

The show termed her an entrepreneur and small company owner. On the broadcast, she hinted at her job but never mentioned it. People instantly located her LinkedIn page and noticed that she had worked as a social media consultant.

Social media followers exceed 1 million. Gibelli sells on “Fanjoy,” an online store for social media stars. Gibelli labels herself a “soulpreneur” on Instagram.

Damian Powers Biography

US-born Damian Powers was born on June 15, 1991. He’s 30. Heidelberg, Germany, was his hometown. He’s American-German. Christian Gemini. This individual has also kept his parents and siblings private. His education is unknown. He likely graduated from a prestigious American institution.

Initially, he managed an industrial enterprise. He worked for Five Star Food Service as an Operations Manager from September 2004 to March 2017. The general manager from March 2017 to September 2019. Market manager since September 2019. Brawl For A Cause is his non-profit employer.

“Love Is Blind” made Damian famous. Netflix premieres the program on February 13, 2020. Jessica Batten, Carlton Morton, Amber Pike, Kelly Chase, Diamond Jack, Matt Barnett, Cameron Hamilton, and 30 others auditioned. Nick and Vanessa Lachey host. Giannina Gibelli was his show partner.

Giannina Gibelli started as a social media professional. She worked for five months at GotChosen Inc. From April 2014 until April 2015, she was an executive secretary at the University of Central Florida, where she studied. She was a business development coordinator and social media expert at “Brandmovers” for over a year. She was a Trending LLC freelance consultant for almost a year before entering the entertainment industry. She appeared in “Love Is Blind” in 2020.

What Are the Couples Doing Now?

Giannina has about 2 million people following her on Instagram, and she is now working toward establishing a career as a social media influencer. She used to have blonde hair in the show Love Is Blind, but now she has a full-on brown style.

In January, it was revealed by PEOPLE that Giannina was dating Blake Horstmann Horstmann, who played Blake Horstmann on The Bachelorette. The two had met on the set of a separate reality program. A reliable source said that “they are going about things in a measured manner.” They give off the impression of being quite satisfied with their partnership.

With 842 thousand people following him on Instagram, Damian appears to be supplementing his income with work as an online influencer these days. The man, who is 30 years old, uploads mostly content that is associated with physical fitness, but he also shares photographs from his luxurious way of life. It would appear that Damian is not currently involved with anyone romantically.

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