Perfect Match: Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together?

Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together

Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow were one of the stronger couples on Perfect Match, despite their on-again, off-again nature at first. Similar to the pairing of Francesca Farago and Dom Gabriel early in the season, Joey and Kariselle appeared to be in it to win it by the fourth episode.

Although other singles entered the household, Joey and Kariselle’s relationship remained strong. Even more surprisingly, the couple found themselves delivering unsolicited dating advice to the other singles in the house. So, what does this portend for them moving forward? More importantly, have Joey and Kariselle stayed together? Come on, then, let’s find out.

Perfect Match: Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together?

Joey and Kariselle got engaged on the show, in case you have been living under a rock. It’s true what you’ve read!

Joey told Kariselle how he really felt and what he wanted in the season finale of Perfect Match. It was charming, even though some people on social media find them annoying and clichéd.

“You’ve been my perfect match since the day I met you. I love waking up to you every single day, and I don’t want that to ever end,” Joey told Kariselle before getting down on one knee and pulling out an engagement ring. “I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. And there is no person that I wanna go through life with, besides you. Will you please marry me?”

Kariselle, who was taken aback by Joy’s proposal, accepted it on the condition that he first get her father’s approval. We were shocked that Kariselle wanted to keep some semblance of tradition with her fiancée given the nontraditional course of their relationship.

Tomorrow, Netflix Tudum posted a tweet:

“It was the best day of my life,” she told host Nick Lachey and her cast mates before the final vote. And while Joey and Kariselle were the only couple to get engaged, they were unable to snag support as the perfectly matched couple in the house. That honor went to Dom and Georgia.

To the best of our knowledge, Joey and Kariselle have not yet confirmed their relationship publicly. So, it is now unclear if they ever tied the knot.

It is safe to conclude that Kariselle and Joey are, at the very least, perfect friends because she has been posting so frequently on his social media posts, including one in which he talks about his search for groupies in New York City.

Was There A Relationship Between Joey And Kariselle Before The ‘Perfect Match’ Episode?

It was after Joey’s introduction as a member of The Circle’s cast that the two first met. In the pilot episode of Perfect Match, Joey mentioned that Kariselle had sent him a direct message (DM), and he was instantly attracted to her. She eventually made the trip to L.A., and while they had a good time together, Joey said that they weren’t ready to start a serious relationship.

According to Kariselle, they went silent for a while but eventually rekindled their friendship. They went on a few dates, but she claims he broke up with her because he found the whole “commitment issue” too much.

According to Instagram, they attempted dating again in the first half of 2021. In an emotional July 2021 post, Joey thanked his friends and family for their support while he was getting clean and posted a photo of himself wearing Kariselle. His yearly review video for 2021 features footage of the couple locking lips. By the time filming on Perfect Match started in early 2022, the couple had broken up.

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What Happened Between Joey And Kariselle On ‘Perfect Match’?

What Happened Between Joey And Kariselle On 'Perfect Match'

When Kariselle and Joey accidentally ran into one other as the first competitors entered the Perfect Match villa, they were both taken aback. While they discussed their past, Kariselle gave off vibes of being hesitant to give him another shot, but she also seemed to question whether their chance encounter on the show might not have been fate. Joey finally confessed his undying love for her, and she happily accepted.

The next day, however, during the first “compatibility challenge” of the show, the euphoric reunion is met with some strife. Joey, during the game, reveals that he can’t get over his ex-girlfriend from four years ago.

Because of the humiliation of having water spilled on her head, Kariselle felt upset and demanded to know why he would try to start a relationship with her if he couldn’t move on from the past. Later that evening, she confides in Francesca that she is “quite open” to going on a date and meeting new people.

The following day, Kariselle has arranged a date with Chase DeMoor, and the two have such a wonderful time that they end up strolling back into the villa hand-in-hand and kissing that night. Joey feels upset upon witnessing their passionate embrace. Still, he refrains from interfering, instead telling Kariselle that he will return home if she does not select him from the deck of cards.

Despite their argument, she chooses to re-match with Joey since she can’t understand why he would be happy to see her with anybody else. They started making better efforts to be together after that and were eventually paired.

Joey and Kariselle remain a solid match throughout the second batch of episodes (which premiered on February 21). Joey eventually asks Kariselle to be his match in the house and his girlfriend. Kariselle accepts with joy, and there is a party in the house.

In another touching exchange, Kariselle tells Joey that she is afraid of losing her sexuality if she marries a man, and she asks whether the fact that her last romantic interest was a woman frightens him. Joey is adamant that he loves and accepts Kariselle for who she is and has no intention of changing that.

By the season’s final episode, Joey and Kariselle had been together longer than any other couple in the villa. The show has shifted its focus to the friendship between Kariselle and her best friend, Francesca. Even in the show’s final challenge, where couples have to estimate each other’s position on marriage, sex, and relocation, they prove they’re on the same page by coming out on top.

Then, on their last date, Joey unexpectedly pops the question, much to Kariselle’s delight. He claims he contacted her father to ask for his approval, and they have since got his mother to give her the good news.

Although they end up losing the ultimate priza, they are overjoyed to share the information about their engagement with the other contestants during the Survivor-style panel in the finale.

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