Arrested Driver In Fatal Hit-And-Run In San Jose

Arrested Driver In Fatal Hit-And-Run In San Jose

The identification of the apprehended suspect in a tragic hit-and-run over the weekend that killed a lady and her dog and wounded a toddler in a crosswalk was made public by San Jose Police.

According to a news statement from the San Jose Police Department, Silvia Solorio, 27, of Santa Clara, was detained at her residence and booked on felony counts of vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run.

According to police, Solorio was driving a 2000 blue or green Honda car when she allegedly hit Limin Cao, 45, of Los Gatos, her daughter, and their dog on March 26 at approximately 6:50 p.m.

According to authorities, Cao, her daughter, and their dog were in a designated crosswalk as they crossed Blossom Hill Road near Leigh Avenue in San Jose.

According to a representative, Steve Aponte, “the pedestrians who were crossing in the crosswalk had the legal right of way.” “They were acting in the best interest of society. The motorist who ran a solid red light was to blame for both the collision and the adult female’s death.”

When a witness reported seeing a “strange” vehicle, an electronic license plate scanner located the vehicle, according to the police.

This is San Jose’s sixth traffic fatality so far this year and the fifth deadly incident.

In honor of the deceased victim, a Gofundme has been established.

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