The Financial Powerhouse of Ashanti Net Worth and Business Moves That Set Her Apart

Ashanti Net Worth

Singer, songwriter, and actress Ashanti was born in Glen Cove, New York. Her self-titled first album from 2002 was a multi-platinum success and garnered her two Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary R&B Album and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

In the time since Ashanti has not only appeared on shows like Army Wives and The Young and the Restless, but she has also recorded five studio albums. Ashanti is not just a talented singer, but also an entrepreneur who has created a successful line of lingerie, perfume, and plus-size clothes. Read on to learn more about Ashanti, her family, and her spouse.

Ashanti Net Worth

Ashanti is a multi-talented American entertainer who, as of 2023, is worth an estimated $20 million USD as a singer-songwriter, record producer, actress, model, and dancer. Ashanti began her music career at a young age and is now one of the most well-known figures in the industry.

Ashanti’s career has been phenomenally fruitful, and she has become a major celebrity in both the music and film industries. She has a total of five studio albums, with Chapter II being the most commercially successful, having debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

Sales of around 326,000 copies in the first week of the album’s release are noteworthy. Ashanti’s other acting credits include the critically acclaimed features John Tucker, Must Die, Coach Carter, and Resident Evil: Extinction, among others.

Ashanti’s Charitable Contributions and Advocacy for Domestic Violence Awareness

Ashanti's Charitable Contributions and Advocacy for Domestic Violence Awareness

Ashanti has been very involved in several charitable causes over the years. She has helped bring attention to the issue of domestic violence, most notably with her first hit “Rain On Me.” Charities addressing domestic violence received all of the proceeds from the sale of a $5 minidisc.

Ashanti also participated in fundraising efforts for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Ashanti also supports causes related to cancer awareness, women’s empowerment, and the Jumpstart reading program through her charitable donations.

Ashanti’s Real Estate

Ashanti bought a house in Old Westbury, New York, for $1.95 million in 2003. She put the house up for sale in July 2022 for $2.2 million. This 1999 home was built on a spacious 2-acre lot.

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