Asteroid City Release Date, Cast, Trailer, And Behind-The-Scenes Images From The Set

Asteroid City Release Date

When word spreads that Wes Anderson has a new film in the works, it’s like Christmas came early. The Mary Sue is grateful to this eccentric filmmaker for the films he has given us, so it should come as no surprise that we’re looking forward to his next project, Asteroid City.

We’ll be adding additional information as we get it, so check back to see what else you can anticipate from the film. The little information we have suggests that this will be another smash.

What Is Asteroid City Release Date?

The release of Asteroid City has been scheduled for the summer of 2023. On June 16, it will debut in select theatres (presumably in New York and Los Angeles), with a wider release scheduled on June 23. There has been no announcement of a UK or worldwide release date.

The tweet below shows the release date of Asteroid City:

With its national release timed to coincide with the two huge summer blockbusters The Flash and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Asteroid City is poised to provide a bit of counter-programming this season.

Who Is The Cast In Asteroid City?

Wes, as is well-known, has a penchant for recasting performers he likes. Yet, this cast is said to be “bigger than most previous Anderson films that are ensemble in nature,” which is an interesting development.

Tom Hanks, one of Hollywood’s most legendary actors and exactly the kind of affable presence you’d expect in a Wes movie is making his Anderson Cinematic Universe debut in this, as is Margot Robbie, who is currently on an auteur hot streak, having already worked with Scorsese and having a certain project in the works with Greta Gerwig.

Is There A Trailer For Asteroid City?

The first trailer for Asteroid City was released on March 29th, and it captures a quirky world in typical Wes Anderson fashion. This time, the setting is the interior of a 1950s Roswell, New Mexico postcard, and the protagonists are a widower played by Jason Schwartzman and his offbeat children, and an ex-movie star played by Scarlett Johansson.

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Are There Any Behind-The-Scenes Images From The Set?

Art director and set designer Sonia Nolla, who is also working on the upcoming movie The Governesses starring Lily-Rose Depp and Hoyeon, has shared images of the sets for Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City on her personal website, giving fans a glimpse of the film’s desert town, complete with humming fairground rides, vibrant neon motel lights, and dusty roadside diners.

The tweet below shows a look at Asteroid City’s scenes:

Photos of co-stars Maya Hawke and Margot Robbie on set have also been released, with Hawke embodying 1950s Americana in a lemon-toned, button-up shirt dress and matching cardigan.

The tweet below shows Margot Robbie & Maya Hawke on the set of Wes Andersons “Asteroid City”

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