Autopsy Report Confirms Tyre Nichols Died of Blunt Force Injuries

Autopsy Report Confirms Tyre Nichols Died of Blunt Force Injuries

An autopsy revealed that Tyre Nichols died from blunt force trauma after being assaulted by Memphis police officers during a traffic stop.

The post-mortem revealed that Mr. Nichols, 29, had head and other bodily injuries in addition to brain injuries.

After his death, five police officers were accused of murder and other crimes; in February, they entered not-guilty pleas.

Nationwide demonstrations against police violence were spurred by Mr. Nichols’ passing three days after the traffic stop.

When Mr. Nichols was pulled over while driving, police used Tasers as well as other forces, as seen on video of the event from January 7th.

The results of the autopsy performed by Shelby County, Tennessee, medical examiners revealed that Mr. Nichols had internal bleeding, brain tears, as well as bruises and cuts all over his body.

Additionally, it was discovered that he had a blood alcohol level.049%, which is much lower than the state’s legal driving limit.

CNN confirms the news on their official Twitter account:

Similar conclusions were reached by an independent autopsy that the family had commissioned in January.

Family lawyers Ben Crump and Antonio Romanucci said in a statement that “the world was stunned by the video of this killing, and we are again stunned to see it put into words by the medical examiner.”

The statement read, “No portion of this young guy was spared as he was beaten to death by these cops. The utter savagery of the deadly beating that Tyre received is once again shown in these official autopsy reports.

The new autopsy findings have not been addressed by the Memphis Police Department. Carolyn Davis, the city’s police chief, earlier stated that she could not see a need for the traffic stop and referred to the officers’ behavior as “heinous” and “inhumane.”

The Nichols family filed a lawsuit against Memphis, its police department, and the participating officers in the middle of April.

The family is requesting that a jury grant financial compensation to pay the costs of Mr. Nichols’ death-related burial, medical, and other expenses.

The now-disbanded Scorpion squad of the officers, according to the lawsuit, was “carrying out an unconstitutional mandate on the streets of Memphis without any fear of retribution,” it is claimed.

In conjunction with the passing of Mr. Nichols, the City of Memphis terminated the employment of six police officers and three firefighters.

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