Batman Ninja: The Perfect Anime to Prepare for Suicide Squad

Batman Ninja The Perfect Anime to Prepare for Suicide Squad

Fans of anime should see Batman Ninja before the release of the upcoming Suicide Squad ISEKAI, which has already received a lot of attention. At Anime Expo 2023, Wit Studio announced their partnership with Warner Bros. Japan to create the isekai anime Suicide Squad ISEKAI, which would feature characters from the Suicide Squad.

There isn’t much information available about the anime at this time, but given that it is being produced by the same studio as Spy X Family and the first three seasons of Attack on Titan, in addition to being written by Tappei Nagatsuki of Re:ZERO, it is certain to have a lot to offer when it debuts.

Batman Ninja is a Fantastic Anime

Batman Ninja’s main selling point is how ridiculous it is as a film. Batman Ninja is filled from beginning to end with absurd, period-appropriate costumes for the Batman characters, Batman using real ninjutsu involving bats, giant robots that combine into even bigger robots for the villains, and armies of monkeys that transform into a giant Batman to fight said robot.

It has a completely unique feel that sets it apart from other animated DC movies because every scene seems to be focused on being as outrageous as possible.

The passion of Batman Ninja makes its outrageousness more effective than its uniqueness. Instead of making fun of the over-the-top nature of comic books and anime, Batman Ninja embraces it entirely. This results in a stylish plot with fantastic choreography that is never afraid to be silly if it means that something wonderful can come out of it.

Anyone who enjoys Batman or isekai anime will enjoy watching Batman Ninja because it has that kind of charm combined with excellent direction and visuals.

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How Batman Ninja Compares To Suicide Squad ISEKAI?

Anyone seeking to watch Suicide Squad ISEKAI should definitely watch Batman Ninja, however there are some obvious distinctions between the two.

In contrast to Batman Ninja, which focuses on Batman characters, Suicide Squad ISEKAI, based on its title, will center on Suicide Squad characters. Additionally, Suicide Squad ISEKAI seems to be a traditional animated movie, whereas Batman Ninja is a computer-animated movie.

The two also have different storylines because Suicide Squad ISEKAI seems to be more typical of isekai, where individuals are completely transported to another universe, but Batman Ninja’s type of isekai involves time travel.

Their emphasis on the DC Universe looks to be another significant distinction between the two. Suicide Squad ISEKAI will probably be a more authentic crossover between DC and anime than Batman Ninja, which will appeal to anyone looking for a story that is more in the vein of DC Comics.

It appears to maintain the basic premise of Suicide Squad by having the titular team sent to the other world on a mission. Despite this, Batman Ninja still has enough of value due of how absurd it is, thus anyone interested in Suicide Squad ISEKAI would be stupid to skip it.

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