Comedian Star Bill Cosby’s Net Worth: Also See His $150 Million Art Collection

Bill Cosby Net Worth

Bill Cosby’s reputation and fortune have taken a hit as a result of the shocking sexual assault charges that have been made against him. After hundreds of women came forward with credible charges of sexual assault, his legendary reputation as a successful comedian, Jell-O representative, and television’s favorite dad in the 1980s and 1990s collapsed.

Now that he has served time for his horrifying sexual assault crimes, what will happen to his enormous fortune? Is there anything else he might lose? Find out how Bill Cosby became as wealthy as he was, how he lost it all, and how much he is worth in this in-depth study.

Bill Cosby Net Worth

American comedian, actor, and TV producer Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby is valued at around $400 million at the time of this writing. He became famous thanks to his work on and appearances on “The Cosby Show.”

At the height of his fame on the show, he earned more than any other actor on television. In addition to his $1 million per episode compensation, he made $4 million per episode from producing, creating, syndicating, and other sources. Today, that would be the equivalent of making $8 million every episode. While the show’s syndication royalties brought in hundreds of millions of dollars over several decades, those payments have all but dried up in the years following his scandals, which he held 20% of.

Cosby utilized the money, together with his share of other shows’ royalties and earnings from speaking engagements, to build an impressive collection of artworks and real estate. The overall value of Bill Cosby’s art collection and real estate holdings could be more than $250 million at any given time, depending on fluctuating market conditions.

The fate of his fortune is currently uncertain. According to reports, Cosby spent millions on legal defenses and may be on the hook for millions more in damages in the future.

Bill Cosby’s Rise to Fame and Fortune

He was already one of the world’s highest-paid superstars before he even made The Cosby Show. It was so successful that when Cosby’s album contract expired in 1968, he turned away a five-year, $3.5 million contract (equivalent to $25 million today) to start his production firm.

He began producing his CDs of stand-up comedy and went on to develop the TV series Fat Albert and the original Bill Cosby Show (not to be confused with the 1980s sitcom).

Bill’s meteoric rise to fame and fortune in show business can be attributed to the enduring popularity of The Cosby Show. From 1984 to 1992, the show aired. Earning $4 million for each episode at the height of the show is equivalent to $8 million today.

More than $1.5 billion have been made from rebroadcasts of the show in the last two decades. Bill owns twenty percent of the show’s earnings, so he’s made at least $300 million off of syndication arrangements.

Other sources of income for Bill number in the tens of millions of dollars, including product endorsements (most notably for Jell-O), film roles, stand-up comedy performances, and other (less successful) television series. Throughout 100 performances, his 2014 comedy tour earned $11 million.

The Most Significant Art Collection in the Hands of an African American Family

The Most Significant Art Collection in the Hands of an African American Family

Known for having “the most significant art collection in the hands of an African American family,” Bill and his wife Camille are incredibly wealthy. Bill began amassing artwork in the 1960s, and the family now has works by Thomas Hart Benton, Rembrandt, Renoir, Picasso, and Matisse in their collection. The value of their work alone might exceed $150 million.

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Bill Cosby’s Property Holdings Exceed $100 Million

The value of Bill’s property holdings exceeds $100 million. He owns sizable lots in both Beverly Hills and Pennsylvania. Just his Beverly Hills mansion might be valued up to $60 million, based on previous sales of similar properties. More like $80 million is possible.

Cosby reportedly sold off Los Angeles properties worth tens of millions of dollars in 2018, following years of legal troubles. He advertised two commercial buildings in Santa Monica’s central business district for $26 million.

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