Blue Archive Anime Reveals First Character Designs And Staff

Blue Archive Anime Reveals First Character Designs And Staff

Updates for the upcoming anime adaptation have been shared on the Blue Archive mobile game’s official Twitter account, including the first character sheets and the first information on the production team. The early character and staff design sheets are shown below.

The Animation Staff’s Blue Archive:

  • Director: Daigo Yamagishi
  • Character Design, Chief Animation Director: Hiromitsu Hagiwara
  • Animation Production: Yostar Pictures × CANDYBOX

The setting of Blue Archive, a free-to-play game with in-app purchases, is described as follows:

Academies in the city are separated into separate districts and are largely regarded as independent.

The General Student Council serves as the overall governing body for the academies.

The General Student Council president mysteriously vanished, and the group’s ability to rule has since come to an end. In Kivotos, numerous problems have started to emerge as a result of the president’s lack of leadership.

The Federal Investigation Club, often known as Schale, is contacted by the General Student Council for help in order to avert calamity. In actuality, Schale is the newest club in the area and the final one to receive approval prior to the president’s disappearance.

Schale relies on the direction of a Sensei who can assist them in resolving the problems surrounding Kivotos to complete its mission. Students must carry their own firearms and smartphones! Try out the military romance, friendship, and action that Academy City has to offer!)

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