Britney Spears Net Worth and What is the Current Market Value of Britney Spears’s Home?

Britney Spears Net Worth

After 13 years, Britney Spears is no longer under conservatorship and can exercise greater discretion over her earnings. And as you could expect from such a talented legend and a tireless worker, she has quite the money.

Now, how much money does Britney have? We’re about to go into it, but before we do, you should know that if she hadn’t had to pay so much in legal expenses throughout her conservatorship battle, her assets would be higher. The New Yorker writes that Britney spent $438,360 on her own living expenses in 2019, while also paying the $520,000 annual salary of her former lawyer Sam Ingham.

If you find that hard to believe, you’re not alone. The New York Times also said that Britney’s father Jamie Spears received a monthly compensation of around $16,000 (plus $2,000 for office space) and a cut of Britney’s deals. Some sort of illustration? Jamie received 1.5% of the total earnings made in 2011 from his daughter’s Piece of Me engagement in Las Vegas.

Having stated that, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the money involved.

Britney Spears Net Worth

In 2023, Britney Spears is expected to have a net worth of $34 million, according to Forbes. According to court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Britney Spears’ net worth at the end of 2018 was $59,079,755.76. This is a modest gain from her net worth three years earlier.

According to Forbes, Britney made $30 million in 2018. Sales of her music and her Las Vegas residency “Britney: Piece of Me,” which ran from December 2013 through 2017, as well as her popular perfumes Fantasy and Curious, were major contributors to her fortune in 2018.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Britney made $30 million from perfume sales in 2013. Forbes stated in 2017 that Britney’s Las Vegas show earned over $103 million from fewer than 250 performances. On the small screen, Britney reportedly earned $15 million in 2012 to serve as a judge on The X Factor on FOX.

Britney Spears’ Las Vegas Residency a Huge Success

Britney’s residency show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas reportedly earned her $30 million. She agreed to play 100 gigs over a two-year period. She extended the run of her show “Piece of Me” till 2017. Britney’s career, bank balances, and reputation were all revived by her four-year Las Vegas residency.

Over the course of her time at Planet Hollywood, she put on 250 performances. Britney: Piece of Me ended with a performance by Spears on December 31, 2017. It is being reported that her final performance in her Las Vegas residency earned $1.172 million, beating Jennifer Lopez’s record for highest grossing concert in Las Vegas history.

Britney Spears’ Las Vegas Residency Ends Early

Spears announced Britney: Domination, her second Las Vegas residency show, on October 18, 2018. The show was scheduled to open at Park MGM’s Park Theatre on February 13, 2019. Spears’ show profits were projected to average $507,000, making her the highest-paid performer on the Las Vegas Strip.

After her father, Jamie Spears nearly died from a colon rupture in early 2019, she decided to cancel the residency. Her management also said that Spears will be taking an indefinite break from her career to focus on her family.

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What is the Current Market Value of Britney Spears’s Home?

What is the Current Market Value of Britney Spears's Home

Spears has extensive experience in the real estate market.

Spears spent $2.9 million on a mansion in the Hollywood Hills in 2001, and the late Brittany Murphy paid $3.8 million for it two years later.

Spears spent $200,000 buying a penthouse in New York City that formerly belonged to Keith Richards in 2002; she later resold the property for $4 million. She and her ex-husband Federline bought a $13.5 million Malibu mansion in the same year and then sold it for a profit after their 2006 divorce.

In 2007, she spent $6.8 million on a Beverly Hills property, and in 2008, she spent $700,00 on improvements to a home in Calabasas, California, which she later sold for $4.49 million.

In 2016, after living in a Thousand Oaks, California mansion with her sons since 2012, Spears put the property on the market for $9 million. In 2015, she spent $7.4 million on a second home in the same area.

Spears put her previous Beverly Hills home on the market for $6.8 million in July of 2020.

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