What Is Bruce Lee Cause Of Death? Is Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story a True Story?

Bruce Lee Cause Of Death

For his worldwide legion of admirers, martial arts superstar BRUCE LEE (aka “The Dragon”) represented the pinnacle of physical health and vitality.

A never-ending stream of suspicions and rumors has arisen since the martial arts legend’s untimely demise at the age of 32.

Bruce Lee Cause Of Death

It’s been almost half a century since Bruce Lee passed away. On July 20, 1973, in Hong Kong, the famous actor and martial artist passed away unexpectedly from cerebral edema, or brain swelling, according to the official cause of death at the time. A recent study, however, suggests that Lee’s demise was due to his “kidney’s inability to excrete excess water.”

The study, which was carried out by a team of Spanish nephrologists, was published in the Clinical Kidney Journal issue for December 2022.

Because of his “chronic fluid intake,” his use of marijuana (which increases thirst), and the documented factors that may have interfered with his kidney’s function (prescription drugs, alcohol consumption, and a history of injuries to the organ), the authors claim that Lee, who was 32 at the time of his death, possessed “multiple risk factors for hyponatremia,” meaning an abnormally low sodium concentration in one’s blood.

What is Hyponatraemia?

Nausea, vomiting, headache, weakness in the muscles, and weariness are only some of the hyponatremia symptoms listed by the Mayo Clinic. Seizures and comas are two of the more serious signs.

Consult a medical professional if you suspect you have hyponatremia.

Those who are at a higher risk of the illness (because of age, drugs, etc.) should discuss preventative measures with their doctor, who may recommend balancing water intake with water loss. Electrolyte sports drinks, such as Gatorade and Powerade, maybe a better choice than water for replenishment during long, high-intensity workouts recommended by your doctor.

Is Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story a true story?

Is Dragon The Bruce Lee Story a true story

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, a biopic from 1993, follows Lee’s life and career up until his untimely passing.

Inaccuracies surrounding Lee’s death have led to widespread suspicion and condemnation, despite the film’s commercial success.

The name was Bruce suggests that the Lee family was cursed and that he was given the American name in an effort to break the spell. Bruce was really one of the potential names given to Lee’s mother before he was born.

The movie also has him fighting a demon who visits him in his sleep, but this is completely made up.

Other aspects of Lee’s life, such as the idea that he came from a poor family, have also been exaggerated. His ancestors had amassed quite a fortune.

Lee’s battle with Wong Jack Man battle and his fight on the set of “The Big Boss” are just two examples of many that never happened in real life.

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