Bullied Teen From Toledo Commits Suicide

Bullied Teen From Toledo Commits Suicide

Adriana Kuch, 14, from Toledo, New Jersey, committed suicide after a video of her being kicked and pummelling by numerous students at Central Regional High School was put online.

Adriana wasn’t wounded when she was smacked in the face with a water bottle. Adriana’s shame and humiliation were the most painful aspects of the situation. Adriana’s dad, Michael Kuch, claimed, “They just kept coming at her.” They enjoy filming their assaults and sharing them online.

I’ve heard that “Adriana was the happiest, most beautiful young lady in the world.”

Her father’s grief and the community’s fury have everyone wondering what they can do to prevent anything like this from happening again.

When asked what parents can do to help, Molly Toney, a counselor at Washington Middle School, recommends checking in with their child every day.

Molly Toney, a counselor at Washington Middle School, had this to say about students who are “pushing you away” to “gain some independence:” “That’s when we come in stronger,” she says. As a result, let’s make sure we’re regularly inquiring, “How was your day?” How is it going with your friends? When asked, “What kind of atmosphere do we have at school?”

The parental role includes keeping an eye on how their kid is feeling. According to Toney, bullying can be identified in a youngster by a change in behavior, an increased fear of school, or an increase in solitary behavior after school.

Toney suggests that parents start talking to their kids about school bullying immediately.

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The time to have those kinds of discussions is probably in grade school. Toney argues that it becomes less difficult to maintain open lines of communication and ongoing discussions as people age.

Toney added that both parents and students might benefit from seeing a therapist.

Toney proclaimed, “I’m a major proponent of outside counseling.” “They can offer family support, other small groups, other things — that we don’t necessarily have time for at school.”

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