Chromosome 21 Netflix: The Story Of Chromosome 21 And How It Ends?

Chromosome 21 Netflix

The first episode of Chromosome 21 will debut on Netflix in the United States in February 2023. The Chilean production was recognized as a top contender for best current series, which caught Netflix’s eye.

The story’s premise—that a man with Down syndrome is the primary suspect in a murder case—piqued viewers’ interest right away, and the show’s eight episodes center on the investigation into the murder. This article will reveal whether or not the story was inspired by an actual event and explain the narrative’s conclusion.

The Story Of Chromosome 21 And How It Ends?

The Story Of Chromosome 21 And How It Ends

The murder of Orlando Mandujano sets in motion the events of Chromosome 21. When his body is discovered in a factory, only Tommy, a guy with Down syndrome, is there to identify the body. Tommy is the prime suspect because he was found with Orlando’s blood and bullet fragments.

The investigators have reservations, and with good cause, that a person with Down syndrome could ever become so violent as to kill someone. The police had difficulty getting to the bottom of things because Tommy didn’t seem to cooperate at first.

As the TV show progresses, we learn that Tommy’s brother, Guillermo “Beckham,” committed a jewelry heist. Tommy (who helped distract the security), Orlando, and Ramón Kowalski (nicknamed “the pole”) were his cohorts. Ariel “Coya” Zavala, the manufacturer, ordered the burglary.

Beckham wanted to retain the booty for himself, and he got into a confrontation with Orlando, who was trying to look out for Zavala’s best interests. With the hope that blackmailing Beckham’s brother Tommy into returning the stolen goods will finally get Beckham to show up, Orlando abducts Tommy.

In the series finale of Chromosome 21, we learn how the characters pieced together what happened the night of the murder. While waiting for his older brother Beckham to arrive at the factory, Orlando brings Tommy. Beckham comes in with the loot. In contrast to Tommy’s muddled explanation during the police reconstruction, Zavala is present.

Kowalski is not. While Beckham abandons the booty in search of Tommy, Orlando begins pounding him and appears ready to kill. Tommy picks up the gun lying on the ground and fatally shoots Orlando. Beckham tries to sprint alongside Tommy as Zavala escapes, but Tommy is having trouble getting up and running. If the police arrive at the factory before Beckham, they will discover Tommy there.

Events are difficult to uncover for various reasons: First, Tommy remains silent out of fear of Zavala; he knows that Zavala may order the murder of both Beckham and Tommy if he were to tell the police the truth. Moreover, the case’s evidence was tampered with by Durán, a coworker of the primary investigator Mariana; Durán is a dishonest cop who works for Zavala, and Mariana only manages to provide proof of this at the very end.

In the final moments of Chromosome 21, we hear the public defense team’s account of what happened during the trial. Sadly, Durán had to take the life of Beckham to safeguard Zavala. And yet, thankfully, Tommy has found safety, and he’s been forthcoming with the truth, lending credence to Mariana’s account of what transpired and how the presence of compromised elements tainted the investigation.

This would allow the judge to rule that Tommy acted in self-defense and was motivated by fear when he lied to the police about Zavala’s involvement (since his attackers had access to police headquarters). For this reason, he cannot be held accountable for the crime.

In the end, the corrupt police officers are apprehended, and Zavala is sent to jail, so things turn out well for chromosome 21. Tommy doesn’t end up in prison, but he does get some extra help to make him see the seriousness of his offense. In addition to her reputation as a competent investigator, Mariana also looks after Tommy routinely. In one scene, she and Tommy are joined by Amanda, indicating that Mariana’s connection with her daughter is improving.

You can watch the official trailer for Chromosome 21 here on YouTube.

Chromosome 21 Netflix: Is It Based on A True Story?

People may question if a true story inspired Chromosome 21 because it features scenes that look like they were pulled from news stories. There is no record of a person with Down syndrome being accused of murder. Hence the TV show is not based on a genuine level.

However, the TV show tackles the natural, nuanced issue of how the law should treat people with Down syndrome: Adults with Down syndrome frequently have the mental age of a child due to the syndrome’s effect on cognitive abilities. They have reached legal adulthood and can make their own choices.

They can nonetheless do criminal acts even if they only have a partial grasp of their significance. Thus, the problem of how the law should treat these people is accurate, and psychological investigations are always required to examine the genuine competence of those individuals to understand the full repercussions of their activities in case they are illegal.

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The criminal drama Chromosome 21 has a complex scenario that calls for an explanation and a string of inferences that may make it look like a real story.

Chromosome 21 On Netflix Right Now

Matas Venables directed all eight episodes and collaborated on the script with Emilia Noguera, Vladirmir Rivera, and Pablo Toro.

In my opinion, Chromosome 21 is a compelling murder mystery with a central premise that successfully brings to light several significant problems—especially our responses to those who are unconventional.

Do you think that eight episodes are too long for this story? That’s what I’m thinking, at least. Many viewers, I fear, will find it tedious and cluttered with uninteresting side stories. It’s true. But that doesn’t detract from the mystery of whodunit, even if you can probably predict most “twists” well before they’re revealed.

Perhaps as early as the pilot episode. That’s not ideal for an ongoing crime or thriller series.

It could have been a tight miniseries of only four episodes if they had cut out several side stories and concentrated on the core story. And that’s a good thing because I think more people would tune in then.

On February 8, 2023, Netflix will debut all eight episodes of Chromosome 21.

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