When is Class of 09 Season 2 Coming Out? Watch the Trailer

Class of 09 Season 2

Hulu’s Class of ’09 series finale has just ended. Fans may be left wondering if this FX drama is a one-off or has the potential for a second season. Will there be further episodes of this time-traveling drama?

Is Hulu Planning Season 2 of “Class of 09?”

Class of ’09 premiered on FX as a limited series, with creator Tom Rob Smith intending to wrap up the story of Tayo, Poet, Lennix, and Hour in the eight episodes that are currently available online.

Though we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to Class of ’09’s brilliant group of Quantico grads just yet, a representative for the show confirmed there is no Season 2 in the works, so Class of ’09 will remain a limited series in which new FBI instructor Poet teaches the Class of 2034 at Quantico and continues to solve crimes with her fellow agents.

Even if there isn’t going to be anymore, at least “Graduation,” the eighth episode, provided a satisfying conclusion.

Hulu subscribers may now watch Class of ’09.

Class of 09 Season 2 Trailer

No official trailer has been released yet for Season 2, however, you can check out the first season’s trailer down below:


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