Cooper Noriega Cause Of Death, Was Cooper Noriega Talked About Mental Health?

Cooper Noriega Cause Of Death

Cooper Noriega is a famous social media star, model, and TikToker from the United States. Cooper Noriega will have a million dollars in wealth in the year 2022. Lip syncs, dance videos, and even some modelling clips have made him a viral sensation on the video-sharing app TikTok.

While his first success came on TikTok, he has now found success on other platforms and built up sizable fan bases there. He’s also a talented guitarist, and his songs may be found on the streaming music service Spotify.

Cooper Noriega Cause Of Death

Cooper Noriega, a famous TikTok celebrity, was discovered dead in a Los Angeles parking lot on June 9, 2022, and the official cause of death has just been released.

An accidental drug overdose is being blamed for the death of a 19-year-old, as determined by the “combined effects of alprazolam, fentanyl, and lorazepam,” as stated by the Los Angeles County medical examiner. “Recent clonazepam use” was confirmed by the investigation.

Noriega had tweeted a video of himself in bed with the remark, “anyone else b thinking they gon d!€ young af” just hours before he passed away. Because of his ongoing battle with substance usage, the young celebrity announced to his Instagram followers on June 4 that he was creating a Discord page “for mental health.”

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“I’ve been struggling with addiction since I was 9 years old, you may think that’s crazy but that’s the life I’ve been dealt,” he wrote in the emotional post. “I would like to use the influence I’ve been given to create a space built on spreading awareness and normalizing talking about mental illness.”

The social media star died with 1.7 million TikTok followers, 95.7 million likes, and over 427,000 Instagram followers. He became famous for posting videos of himself lip-syncing and doing comedy routines online.

Family and friends of Noriega expressed their sorrow at his untimely death on various social media platforms. For my family and Myself, today has been a very trying day,” Harold Noriega Sr. wrote. The lovely 19-year-old Cooper we adopted was tragically taken from us yesterday night. He was the one true love of Treva, Parker, and me, and countless others cherished him.

Was Cooper Noriega Talked About Mental Health?

Was Cooper Noriega Talked About Mental Health

Before his passing, Noriega launched a website for the open and frank discussion of issues related to mental health. A “Discord for mental health exclusively,” he wrote on Instagram. In a May social media post, the actor revealed his intentions to help others overcome addiction. He wrote, “One of the many things I’ve learnt while suffering with addiction was that surrounding yourself with negative people can only bring you down.” This conflict is intended to unite us all and provide a refuge where individuals may share their struggles and support one another.

His Relatives Responses To The News Of His Death

Many of his followers were saddened for a very long time by the news of his passing. Several others shared their sorrow on social media. His family members took to social media to mourn the loss of their son and brother.

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While speaking on behalf of her family, his sister said that she appreciated the outpouring of love and encouragement for their little Coop. She went on to say that Cooper’s death is a tragedy for all of their loved ones. At the end of the statement (issued on June 11), she said that anyone who wishes to do so could do so, adding that they appreciated any messages of support.

His father shared the news of his son’s death on Facebook, writing that it was “an incredibly difficult” for the family.

When Was Cooper Noriega Began Her Career?

Cooper Noriega got his start in the entertainment industry as a TikTok star, where he posted videos of himself dancing, lip syncing, and even modelling. He has amassed a massive following on TikTok in a short time. His subsequent fame can be attributed to his inclusion of music videos on the Spotify app.

Also, he has amassed a respectable fan base on the photo-sharing app Instagram, where he often posts examples of his impeccable style.

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