Cunk On Earth Netflix: Good Reasons To Watch Cunk On Earth On Netflix

Cunk On Earth Netflix

chances are good that this will work out nicely Philomena Cunk is a name that is completely foreign to you. The stereotypically clueless journalist was invented by British comedian Diane Morgan and Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker. She’s the lead of a brand new Netflix series called “Cunk on Earth,” too.

The mockumentary series, which premiered in the United Kingdom last September, has only recently become available on Netflix in the United States, but it doesn’t seem to have made much of an effect there. In fact, it hasn’t even made the top 10 most-watched list on the streaming service a week after its launch.

It’s especially unfortunate in the current times when consumers are constantly seeking new content to stream on Netflix. In just a few days of binge-watching, I realised that this show is hilarious. So, to set the record straight and explain why Cunk on Earth is the best Netflix programme you’re not watching, I’m going to correct the mistakes everyone seems to be making.

What Is Cunk On Earth?

Philomena Cunk (Morgan) investigates Earth’s past in the mockumentary series Cunk on Earth. From the emergence of the first human societies to the development of cutting-edge technology, Cunk offers insightful thoughts on the major innovations that have shaped our civilization.

Furthermore, Cunk’s perspective offers a unique take on the topic that isn’t seen in the typical historical documentary. Cunk’s signature deadpan humour throughout the entire book, as she puts a unique slant on such major historical events as the fall of Pompeii and the Industrial Revolution. There are also many inane jokes, such as Cunk saying that all of our knowledge of ancient Rome can be attributed to the encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

Cunk also puts prominent academics through their paces, asking them pointed questions like “numbered worth less in ancient times?” the question of whether or not a Greek philosopher ever had a concept so enormous it blew their mind wide open. In response to such perplexities, most experts will respond with a bewildered shrug as they try to make sense of the question.

Good Reasons To Watch Cunk On Earth On Netflix

Good Reasons To Watch Cunk On Earth On Netflix

Deadpan humour fans should not miss Cunk on Earth. You will be in stitches at Cunk’s sardonic comments. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the only Netflix episodes in recent years that has made me rewind entire segments because I missed jokes from laughing so hard at the ones before.

I think Diana Morgan hits all the right notes as Philomena Cunk, and I think the character is one of the best comic inventions of the last two decades. The burden of proof is not solely on my shoulders. The Cunk on Earth has a flawless score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes right now. Of course, this is based on a rather small sample size of nine reviews, but it does contain overwhelmingly positive pieces from renowned sources like Rolling Stone and the Hollywood Reporter.

To sum up: Cunk on Earth is the best new show out there if you like incredibly ridiculous mockumentaries. While it’s still early in the season, this Netflix original seems like it could be one of the year’s best new shows. And with Netflix’s recent expansion of its crackdown on password sharing, the streaming service could use all the quality new content it can get its hands on.

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