Daisuke Jigen Takes Center Stage in New Live-Action Lupin the Third Film

Daisuke Jigen Takes Center Stage in New Live-Action Lupin the Third Film

An original live-action feature starring Daisuke Jigen, Lupin’s sidekick in the Lupin the Third franchise, will begin streaming globally on Amazon Prime on October 13, 2023, according to an announcement made today by Amazon Japan.

The Lupin the Third anime franchise has been produced by TMS Entertainment since 1971. Amazon Studios and TMS Entertainment are working together on this project.

Nine years after the live-action movie from 2014, Tetsuji Tamayama returns to the role of Daisuke Jigen. He was also included in a teaser film and a key image.

Here is a relatable tweet posted by Prime Video:

The manga series Lupin the Third was produced by Monkey Punch, which has been well-known in Japan and other countries for more than 50 years. The first TV anime series premiered in 1971 after the manga began publishing in 1967. Numerous TV specials, spin-off OVAs, and movies have been made since then. The third live-action film in the series will be Amzaon’s Jigen Daisuke.

When Jigen thinks his beloved Combat Magnum (S&W M19) is not functioning properly, the story of Jigen Daisuke begins. Jigen travels to Japan for the first time in a number of years in quest of the “world’s best gunsmith,” who owns a watch shop.

On an original screenplay by Yoshimasa Akamatsu, Hajime Hashimoto, who has directed numerous well-known Japanese TV drama series like AIBOU: Tokyo Detective Duo and The Woman of Science Research Institute, is the director.

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