What Is Dave Hollis Cause Of Death? How Did David Hollis Pass Away?

Dave Hollis Cause Of Death

It’s a sad day for everyone, but particularly for us Disney lovers, as Dave Hollis, who was instrumental in bringing some of Disney’s finest films to theaters in recent years, has gone away.

Dave may not be a household name for us #disneyadults, but he has certainly left his mark. Between 2011 and 2018, Dave supervised and contributed to the massive success of movies including Black Panther, Moana, and many Star Wars blockbusters in his role as Disney’s President of Worldwide Distribution.

Dave had just days left till his 47th birthday when he went suddenly. Hearing this came as a surprise since she seemed to be in good health. Is the reason for Dave’s passing known? The current state of knowledge is as follows.

Dave Hollis Cause Of Death

Variety broke the story first and reports that authorities have yet to determine what caused the actor’s death. Yet, “David had lately been hospitalized for heart-related health difficulties.”

Dave became well-known on social media not just as a senior executive at Disney, but also as the husband of Rachel Hollis, the author of the New York Times best-seller Girl, Wash Your Face.

Dave and Rachel moved from L.A. to Austin so that he could assist Rachel in running her business, formerly known as Chic Media and now known as The Hollis Company. Dave and Rachel’s podcast about their marriage, Rising Together, was quite successful.

Rachel and Dave’s careers were so entwined that their decision to divorce was shocking to everyone.

In the summer of 2020, Rachel broke the news on Instagram:

Guys, I have some hard news to share… Dave and I have made the incredibly difficult decision to end our marriage.We started out as best friends 18 years ago and the truth is, that core friendship and the parts of us that work so well, have become a band-aid for the parts of us that don’t. We have worked endlessly over the last three years to make this work and have come to the conclusion that it is healthier and more respectful for us to choose this as the end of our journey as a married couple. We remain dear friends as we raise our family as co-parents and run our company as partners…

You can see the Instagram post by Dave:


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Rachel and Dave stayed in touch with each other and continued to co-parent their four kids, Ford, Jackson, Sawyer, and Noah.

Dave mentioned spending the holidays as a divorcee in a post he made on Instagram last December “This divorce thing is crazy. Divorced couples tend to have more exciting holidays. We break from our regular every-other-week schedule to allow us time off for Christmas travel and family visits. Rae goes first, then it’s my turn. That means this is the final time I see this group until after the holidays “.

Rachel published a brief Instagram post after hearing the news of Dave’s death, despite the fact that the two remained close till the end. The message says, “We can’t believe it. I don’t know what to say; my heart is too crushed. Please keep the children in your thoughts and prayers as we attempt to deal with the unfathomable.”

Our deepest condolences go out to the Hollis family; we know many people will miss him dearly.

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The results of the autopsy on Dave Hollis have not been made public. (Instagram is the source) A family representative told US media outlets that the cause of death of Hollis, who had recently been hospitalized for “heart issues,” is still unknown.

The Autopsy of Dave Hollis Did He Commit Suicide

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How To Use Did Dave Hollis Die Of Heart Issues?

David Hollis, 47, went suddenly on Saturday night, February 11, 2023, at his home in Austin, Texas, according to his literary agent, Kevan Lyon. Variety and The Hollywood Reporter all say that Dave was hospitalized for cardiac troubles just before he passed away.

On February 11th, 2019, David Hollis passed away. He had been hospitalized for cardiac issues recently, and he died unexpectedly at his Austin home on Saturday.

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