Dead Body Was Discovered In A Vehicle Outside A Sonic Restaurant In Vero Beach

Dead Body Was Discovered In A Vehicle Outside A Sonic Restaurant In Vero Beach

Detectives do not suspect the death of a man discovered in a vehicle parked next to a fast food restaurant to be suspicious or drug-related, according to an early inquiry conducted after the discovery on Friday afternoon.

Unknown to the public, authorities said they were waiting for a medical examiner to confirm the man’s cause of death after he was discovered in the driver’s seat of a vehicle parked behind the Sonic at 1780 U.S. 1.

The tweet below confirms the news of body found near Vero Beach:


Michael Storch, a 20-year-old Sonic worker from Vero Beach, said that when he began his shift before noon, he parked next to the black Lexus ES 300 and smelled something bad emanating from the vehicle. Also, he saw that the automobile was parked in the east-facing lot, occupying two spots.

Storch said he noticed the guy laying motionless in the car’s reclining driver seat after being instructed to do so by a shop manager to bang on the window. The individual was recognized by the restaurant staff as a local resident, according to Storch.

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According to Vero Beach police spokeswoman Kelsea Marty, officers responded to a 911 call at 1:17 p.m., and investigators stayed at the restaurant until close to 5 p.m. By 3:45 pm, the automobile was hauled away.

Marty said, “As of now, it’s still being looked at.”

Marty said that “there doesn’t seem to be any forced trauma” and that detectives did not suspect a narcotics overdose. The cause of death would eventually be determined by the medical examiner, Marty added.

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