Destiny 2: Lightfall Launch Date And About The Gameplay Update

Destiny 2: Lightfall

After The Witch Queen, the next DLC for Destiny 2 will be Lightfall. The release date, trailer, plot, and the existence of the Strand class in Lightfall have all been revealed.

The Witch Queen DLC for Destiny 2 was excellent (we said so ourselves), but the story’s conclusion raised many problems for which we do not have satisfactory explanations. Lightfall, the game’s upcoming expansion, has high expectations to meet, but many details about it are yet unknown.

The expansion was supposed to round off the “Light and Darkness” arc in Destiny, but Bungie has already announced another another expansion, Destiny 2: The Last Form.

But before Lightfall’s release next month, let’s review all we know about it thus far.

When Will Destiny 2: Lightfall Be Available?

Launch day for Lightfall is set for February 28th, 2023. The expansion was supposed to come out in 2022, after the release of the Witch Queen dlc in 2021. The latter has been postponed until 2022, however.

Still, players should have plenty to keep them occupied until Witch Queen’s expansion arrives with its new Season Pass bundle.

The following is Bungie’s official maintenance and release schedule.

  • February 27th, 9 AM PST (1400 GMT): Destiny 2 is brought offline
  • February 27th, 9 AM PST (1400 GMT): Players can pre-download Lightfall on all platforms.
  • February 28th, 9 AM PST (1400 GMT): Destiny 2 will be returned online. Lightfall will be available on all platforms and regions. This coincides with the weekly reset.

About The Gameplay Destiny 2: Lightfall

About The Gameplay Destiny 2 Lightfall

You’ll carry that weight: Lightfall is among the most powerful and emotionally weighty stories in the Destiny canon. Everything hinges on you, the protagonist (called a Guardian), as you fight to prevent the planet’s destruction. Your actions will have more weight than in previous expansions because of the story’s heightened attention and pressure on you as the hero.

The introduction of The Witness:  Add to the urgency of Lightfall, the arrival of The Witness, the ultimate antagonist of Destiny 2’s Light and Darkness Saga. It’s safe to say that this is unlike anything else you’ve encountered. The Witness will prove early in its drive for absolute control that it is the most calculating, reserved, and unyielding opponent any Guardian has ever faced.

A beautiful new destination:There is a new light being shed on the Destiny universe thanks to Lightfall. The city of Neomuna, with its cyberpunk aesthetic, is one of the game’s most unique settings. The design team took the aerodynamic approach to architecture seriously, and it shows in the incorporation of surfboard-style fins and sailboat-style ships, among other things. This, combined with the city’s bright hues, introduces a fresh look to the Destiny canon.

New characters enter the fray: You’ll have to team up with some unfamiliar individuals in Lightfall if you want to put a halt to the end of the world. Rohan, a seasoned veteran, and Nimbus, a cocky newcomer, are both Cloud Striders and protectors of Neomuna.

A new power awakens from within: As with every new Lightfall escapade, a unique subclass ability is introduced. Strand ushers you into a universe where everything is interconnected. Destiny’s rapid and hard-hitting combat has a new and exciting element thanks to this thread of black life, which any class can manipulate in uniquely practical ways. It was used in the first mission by zipping between locations, stowing up on vehicles, and launching attacks at a distance.

Swing like a spider can: The grenade slot is replaced by a new grappling ability that can be accessed using Strand. It’s not just a fantastic way to swing around like a specific spider-inspired hero, but it’s also a key part of Destiny 2’s melee-focused gameplay. Leap into the air while using the Strand-powered grapple to slam into your foes, stunning them and opening up the opportunity for additional attacks, whether close-ranged or projectile.

Weapon modification has been updated: In Lightfall, players are getting a new perspective on weapon progression and choosing, and weapon building provides Guardians the chance to personalise their arsenal. There will be fewer weapons available for crafting overall, but many new weapons will have sustainable long-term sources and provide value in unexpected ways. It is possible to increase the level of a randomly rolled weapon in the same way as you may with a manufactured weapon, even if it is not craftable.

One more obstacle: The Witness isn’t the only brand-new adversary waiting to test you in Lightfall; the Tormentors are prepared to do the same. Bungie designed this foe to be the terrifying adversary in the Destiny realm. The Tormentors bring an unforgettable encounter with their command of enormous scythes and their ability to channel Void energy.

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