Who Is Devin Booker Dating? Is It True That Jena Ortega And Devin Booker Are An Item?

Devin Booker Dating

When Devin Booker first entered the NBA in 2015, he was largely unknown to casual fans. He played for the Phoenix Suns. But, the 26-year-old athlete is better known at this point for his personal connections.

Since his stardom, Devin has been romantically linked to a number of rich peers. Two of these individuals are close friends of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

However, it has recently been speculated that Devin has avoided reality TV favorites in favor of Wednesday star Jenna Ortega. Let’s take a look back at Devin Booker’s past relationships before we go into that rumor.

Who Is Devin Booker Dating?

This is not the first time Devin has been the subject of a celebrity couple’s dating rumors. According to reports, Grand Rapids, Michigan native Jordyn Woods is among the exes of Kylie Jenner‘s ex-best friend. Until the cheating scandal that rocked the Kardashian-Jenner family in 2019, Jordyn was a trusted member of the family.

It has been stated that Jordyn and Devin’s connection began before the issue broke. Double dates with Kendall Jenner and her ex-boyfriend Ben Simmons were allegedly part of their 2018 romance. The supermodel began dating Devin in May 2019 after her relationship with Ben ended.

Us Weekly claims that in May of 2020, Kendall and Devin took a road vacation from Los Angeles to Sedona, Arizona. Jordyn’s “haha, good morning” tweet with the three trash can emojis she later deleted brought a touch of drama to the start of their new life together.

Who Is Devin Booker Dating

It was reported that Jordyn dissed Devin and Kendall, but in June 2020, the couple made it official. Even though she is the most reserved of the famous family, Kendall has spoken about her boyfriend Devin on several occasions, most notably during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in April 2022. Kendall was a regular at all of Devin’s NBA games.

People reported in November 2022 that Kendall and Devin “quietly broke up” in October of that year. According to reports, the couple’s romance ended because of their busy work schedules.

As in the year 2023, Devin is reportedly seeing someone else.

People stated that after his breakup with Kendall, Devin was putting all of his energy into his basketball career and other ventures. Even so, it appears that the athlete found time in March 2023 to engage in some competitive play.

Photos of Devin and Jenna leaving a restaurant were tweeted by @Buttcrack Sports on March 14, 2023. The Scream VI actress, dressed in black and white, stared in one direction as Devin, dressed in black, smiled and looked on.

Tweeters, unsurprisingly, shared their thoughts in abundance, with many curious as to how the two young stars met. In addition, many people have said the image is completely fabricated and altered.

In all likelihood, the photo was doctored, and Jenna and Devin aren’t dating. Jenna wore the identical dress to the Scream VI premiere on March 6, days before the publication allegedly observed her having dinner with Devin, who she wore the dress to promote. Here, you can see the blue ink stain that the actress, unfortunately, got on her outfit during the premiere.

Nevertheless, @Buttcrack Sports has previously given incorrect information, so Jenna could just be a serial outfit recycler like the rest of us. According to the account, Jordan Poole, an NBA player, is allegedly dating Ice Spice. The photo of Jenna and Devin features TMZ’s watermarks, but the website has made no mention of the couple’s romance.

Is It True That Jena Ortega And Devin Booker Are An Item?

As though fresh from an intimate meal together, the pair stroll hand in hand in a convincing paparazzi photo with TMZ’s watermarks plastered all over it.

The tweet below shows Devin Booker and Jenna Ortega’s pic captured by TMZ: 

Although some of You actor’s followers reposted the image with their comments to the crazy assumption, others realized that the photo was a skillfully manipulated fabrication spread by a satirical account on Twitter. The astute social media users who made this deduction were able to tell that the pictures of the celebs were actually from distinct events.

The tweet below shows a fan’s reaction to Devin and Jenna’s dating rumors:

Although neither Jenna nor Devin has addressed the rumors head-on, it seems safe to assume that they are not dating at this time.

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