Does Sarah Die in The Last: The Story Of Joel And Ellie Is Set In Motion By Sarah’s Death

Does Sarah Die in The Last

The emotional foundation of The Last of Us is established with Sarah’s sad death at the end of the 2003 portion of Episode 1. Sarah, Joel, and Tommy are just your average 2003 Austinites when the first episode of The Last of Us begins. In this final section, Sarah’s terrible death from a brain illness caused by Cordyceps mushrooms is revealed.

While running away from the many infected humans they encounter, Joel and Sarah become separated from Tommy and are eventually rescued by an armed soldier. The soldier is afraid that the two are infected, so he holds them at gunpoint and fires at them.

Sadly, Sarah is slain by a gunshot, and Joel is likely to die unless Tommy intervenes in time. Sarah’s death in Joel’s arms at the end of the 2003 timeline of The Last of Us was necessary for the forthcoming emotional plot to have any impact.

Does Sarah Die in The Last?

In The Last of Us, an HBO series, Sarah does die. The soldier who shoots her is part of the group trying to contain the virus in Austin, Texas, just like in the game. She passes away while held by her father Joel, and the show immediately fast-forwards 20 years.

Because of the publicity surrounding Sarah’s casting, some viewers speculated that she would be revived and given a larger role in the HBO series. That they are somewhat correct is indicated by this clue. According to IMDB, Nico Parker, who plays Sarah, has appeared in two episodes. In spite of the fact that she passed away in the pilot episode, she will make a return in the second episode.

The second episode of The Last of Us on HBO will most likely feature Sarah in a flashback, based on what we know about the program thus far. With luck, she won’t come back, but unless something unexpected happens, it was likely her last appearance. Keep reading to know the story of Joel and Ellie in the further paragraph.

The Story Of Joel And Ellie Is Set In Motion By Sarah’s Death

The Story Of Joel And Ellie Is Set In Motion By Sarah's Death

Sarah’s death establishes the more fundamental features of Ellie and Joel’s relationship, even though much of their interaction centers on Joel’s choice. For one, the terrible nature with which Sarah dies in The Last of Us explains why Joel is so distant following the advent of the Cordyceps virus in the first episode.

The first thing we see of Joel after the time jump is him burning the body of an infected child with no remorse because he has no feelings for anybody or anything anymore after Sarah’s death. In 2023, Joel has a hard exterior that Ellie will gradually chip away at over the course of the show.

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This connection and the shift in Joel and Ellie’s behavior around one other would be meaningless if Sarah hadn’t died. The Last of Us, however, can emphasize just how much Joel comes to care about Ellie by portraying how Sarah’s death affected him as a person.

Sarah’s death in the pilot episode of HBO’s The Last of Us was tragic, but it was inevitable for a number of reasons. Know about the life of Sarah and Joel in the next paragraph.

The Life of Sarah And Joel Reflects The Quiet Before The Storm

While it is true that each media has its own quirks, they weren’t obligated to reveal their identities. That they did guarantee our full immersion; it was the first of the show’s many astute and gloomy choices that pay off unexpectedly throughout. At first, this is something Sarah does with her father in the mornings when they have tender moments together and playfully tease each other.

This kind of lighthearted roasting betrays an easy familiarity. This is due in large part to the fact that both actors, in their respective roles, completely immerse themselves in their characters without ever resorting to overacting, as is sometimes the case when basing a performance on a preexisting character.

Adding scenes to an existing plot just to wink at the viewer and over-explain backgrounds that would better stand-alone would be the worst thing imaginable. Nothing out of the usual is happening; the emphasis on everyday life gives the film a reassuring sense of stability.

This is the stillness before the storm, and we get to enjoy it for a little while longer. The game has never given us any time where Joel, Ellie, and Tommy (Gabriel Luna) could just hang out without the frantic pace of a crisis dictating their every move. Despite that, it is eerie to spend time with them and watch them go through their final morning rituals as a group.

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