During A Houston Migrant Rescue Operation, A Suspect Was Shot And Killed

During A Houston Migrant Rescue Operation, A Suspect Was Shot And Killed

A multi-day hostage crisis in Houston was resolved on Thursday, leaving one person dead.

The conclusion of the rescue operation took place on Thursday morning, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and one of its operatives reportedly killed one suspect. The identity of that person has not yet been disclosed, but authorities claim all hostages are secure.

No agents helping the Waller County Sheriff’s Office were hurt, according to officials. No other information regarding the incident was made public.

Attorney’s Office, on March 18 kidnappers intercepted the three migrants as they were driving on Interstate 10 in the southern portion of Waller County and forced them into another car.

FBI Houston posted a tweet on Operation Huston and wrote “At this time, no additional information outside of this statement will be provided and no media events are anticipated due to the ongoing investigation.”

Fbi Saves Kidnapped Migrants In Texas After Gunfight, One Kidnapper Killed

The driver of the migrants reportedly called the sheriff’s office to report the kidnapping, according to the Associated Press. Then, the FBI dispatched agents to the location where they had saved two people early on Thursday before gunshots broke out.

A kidnapper was killed, while another was taken into custody.

A person familiar with the matter claimed that the kidnappers sent the family videos, which they shared with law enforcement, showing that the kidnappers were armed and the hostages were alive, including one of them beating one of the hostages — an older man.

According to the FBI, an investigation into the shooting event will be conducted. Also, they claim that kidnappings for ransom are increasing there and that migrants are frequently the victims.

The agency arrested 20 people after receiving 93 reports of migrants being kidnapped for ransom during the course of the previous year, according to the El Paso field office.

There may be more incidents, but many of them go unreported because of the fear of deportation, according to Special Agent Jeffrey Downey.

According to the individual with knowledge of the situation, the kidnapped migrants entered the United States illegally from Mexico.

About the migrants’ nationalities, immigration status, or if they were being transported unlawfully at the time of their kidnapping, Whittmore declined to comment.

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