Editorial Policy

Update Bulletin checks facts fairly, transparently, and unbiasedly. We try to have high editorial standards and follow the rules below:

Nonpartisan approach: Update Bulletin has no political ties. We think it’s important to check the facts of news from all sides of the political spectrum, and we use the same standards for all claims, no matter who made them. We’re not afraid to call out fake news.

Evidence-based: A person who checks facts and takes them very seriously. So, we try to be accurate when we check facts and use multiple sources to ensure that our checks are based on sound evidence. Depending on the fact-checking we need, we use tools like reverse image search on the Internet or get information from official sources. We also talk to the right person to ensure a valid claim. We do not quote anonymous sources.

Transparency: Update Bulletin details how the claim was shown to be false. This is done to be honest, and to teach readers how to judge claims they may come across in the future.


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