Fallout 76 Patch Notes: Update Version And Design Changes & Improvements

Fallout 76 Patch Notes

Before E3, there were a lot of theories floating around about what to expect from Fallout 76. Some predicted it would be a multiplayer survival game, while others speculated that it would be a base-building offshoot that improved upon Fallout 4’s settlement capabilities.

The true response was somewhere in the middle. According to Bethesda, the map size in Fallout 76, a multiplayer survival game with settlement features, is a whopping four times larger than that of its predecessor. Let’s examine the fundamentals of this post-apocalyptic landscape.

Fallout 76 Patch Notes: Update Version

Check the download sizes below for today’s patch on your platform of choice:

  • PC (Steam): 5.6 GB
  • PC (Microsoft Store): 15.08 GB
  • PlayStation: 14.5 GB
  • Xbox: 14.9 GB

Design Changes & Improvements

Weapon Changes

Weapon Changes

Although we are playing in a post-apocalyptic world, we still want to keep that world fair, fun, and inviting to all. While you have been exploring and rebuilding, we have been working on a new system that works behind the scenes to remove illegal attachment combinations that violate the EULA to ensure that every single player is using and trading the same items and has the same advantages as you.

In today’s update, we are implementing a system that will remove illegal mods attached to weapons that cannot be obtained in-game. Most players will not notice any change to their existing weapons, however, players who are in possession of a weapon with a mod that cannot be equipped naturally to the weapon may notice a damage decrease to the weapon, and the mod will no longer exist.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Art & Animation

  • Backpack Flairs: Various adjustments to the view of Backpack flairs in the crafting menu.
  • Cryolater: Made adjustments to the frosted texture on the weapon model.
  • Flairs: Increased the Zoom out of Backpacks to allow more visibility on the flairs.
  • Loot Bags: Various fixes to Loot bag skins that were missing collision.
  • Power Armor: Adjustments to the player’s 1st personal view while wearing the Alien Invader Power Armor Paint and using a Heavy Weapon.
  • Power Armor: Fixed an issue where X-01 Prototype paint could not be reapplied after changing paints or skins.
  • Power Armor: Fixed an issue that can change the color of the highlighted weapon parts at a weapons workbench after entering and exiting Power Armor.
  • Rifles: Applying the Aligned Stock mod to a Laser Rifle or Ultracite Rifle now changes its appearance to reflect the mod.
  • Vault-Girl Arm Wrestle Machine: The player character no longer clips through the machine during its animation.
  • Weapon Paint: The Nuka-Dark paint for pump action shotguns now displays correctly.


  • Scout’s Banner: Using a Scout Banner now plays the correct sound effect while being used.
  • Weapons: The spinning barrel sound effect from Miniguns, Gatling Plasma, Gatling lasers, and Pepper Shakers now stops when entering the water.

C.A.M.P.s & Shelters

  • Allies: The proper name is now displayed for Sam, Katherine, and Xeno when inspecting or placing Allies in the player’s C.A.M.P.
  • Buffs: The 9 Ball Table now correctly provides a +2 Charisma buff to players after being used.
  • Buffs: The Spore Plant Bed now correctly gives the Well Rested Bonus after being used.
  • Displays: The Thirst Zapper can now be displayed on the full-sized Wall Weapon Rack.
  • FreeCam: Players can no longer place floor objects on top of their character while in FreeCam mode.
  • Message Board: Neon Letters can now be applied to the Message Board Kiosk.
  • Roofs: The Abandoned Mine C.A.M.P. Kit Roof now correctly uses the same amount of budget as other roof corner variants.
  • Trophies: Fixed an issue that caused Nuclear Winter trophies and statues to not be buildable in C.A.M.P.s and Shelters.
  • Pirate Ship: Adjustments to the collision and snapping on the Landlubber Pirate Ship and Sea Legs Pirate Ship.
  • Radioactive Holiday Tree: Fixed an issue where the Radioactive Holiday Tree would leave persistent radiation when stored in a Blueprint.
  • Recipes: Players who have learned the recipe for Cappy and Bottle’s Couple Sign can now correctly build the object.
  • Survival Tent: Fixed an issue that could prevent players from fast traveling to their team member’s APC Survival Tent.
  • Watch post-Prefab: Fixed the collision on the top stair.


  • Nuka-World on Tour: Events completed in Nuka-World on Tour now correctly count towards the “Complete Events in the Ash Heap” Challenge.


  • Mad Dog Malone: When in his downed state, Mad Dog Malone no longer appears in the nearby corpse’s menu.


  • Garrahan Mining HQ: Addressed an issue that prevented players from entering the Garrahan Mining Headquarters from the Garrahan Mining Lobby.
  • Nuka-World on Tour: Lady G’s stall is now in its proper place.


  • Distinguished Guests: Players will now receive proper rewards for each completed stage of this event.
  • Feed the People: Food canisters will no longer despawn during Feed the People when a player enters the loading dock.
  • Nuka-World on Tour: All Nuka-World on Tour Public Events now correctly drop Legendary Cores upon event completion.
  • Nuka-World on Tour: “What Slept Beneath” now grants the correct amount of XP.
  • Nuka-World on Tour: “Seismic Activity” now properly grants Ultracite Scrap as an event reward.
  • Nuka-World on Tour: The “Deposit Buckaroos” counter in Most Wanted now displays the number of Buckaroos needed instead of using a progress bar.


  • Junk: Gold Table Spoons now provide gold instead of silver when scrapped.
  • Gunpowder: Gunpowder is now classified as a junk/scrap item.
  • Nuka-Cola: Nuka-Grape now shows the correct value of rads removed after drinking.
  • Power Armor: The T-65 right arm now correctly requires Aluminum for crafting, to match the left arm.
  • RadAway Diluted: Reduced the debuff timer from 2 hours to 7 minutes to be more aligned with RadAway, which has a 15-minute debuff timer.
  • Sunshine Oil: Adjusted the Sunshine Oil to use the correct Damage Resistance effect. The Damage Reduction now also is increased by the Herbivore mutation.


  • Localization: Various Localization Fixes.


  • Quack Surgeon: Mire Magic Moonshine and Vintage Mire Magic Moonshine now work with the Quack Surgeon Perk.
  • Perk Sharing: Added a gameplay setting to allow players to reject Shared Perks from Team Members.


  • Disarming Discovery: Dagger will no longer become hostile to the player prematurely.
  • Flavors of Mayhem: Players will no longer receive Syringer ammo upon relog.


  • Client Stability: Addressed a client crash that could occasionally occur when returning to the Main Menu from an Expedition.

User Interface

  • Local Looting: Allies in a Downed state will no longer appear in the nearby corpse’s menu.
  • Fanfare: Adjusted the “Seismic Activity” event start banner to not overlap animations.
  • Pip-Boy: Bobblehead: Big Guns now displays its Buff in the Pip-Boy.


  • Ammunition: The Explosive prefix on weapons only applies to bullets (Excluding Railway Spikes).
  • Ammunition: Recoverable projectiles from the player’s weapons are no longer able to be looted by other players.
  • Flamer: Addressed an issue causing the Flamer to give false positive damage numbers when hitting enemies in VATS. The Flamer will now hit enemies during VATS more efficiently.
  • Mods: The Auto-Axe and Chainsaw now show the number of mods unlocked at workbenches.
  • Melee: The Cultist Dagger and Bowie Knife can now be modded.
  • Melee: The Deathclaw Gauntlet and Meat Hook no longer use One-Handed Weapon Perks. They still benefit from Unarmed Perks.
  • Mods: The Sleek Mod effect now stacks when applied to two pieces of leg armor.
  • Mr. Handy Buzzblade: Reduced the VATS AP cost for Mr. Handy Buzzblade.
  • Rifles: Assault Rifles now correctly have the Rifle classification regardless of how it is modded.
  • Rifles: Radium Rifles now have an increased chance to learn mods when scrapped.
  • Thirst Zapper: Fixed an issue that caused unlimited throwables with a Thirst Zapper equipped.
  • Thirst Zapper: Fixed a bug where the water ammo for the Thirst Zapper appeared in the Favorites Wheel.


  • Private Worlds: Fixed an issue causing several quests and event-related NPCs to not be present on Private Worlds.
  • Private Worlds: Fixed an issue causing Legendary Exchange Stations and the Encrypted Terminal to not appear in Private Worlds.


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