Fatal Shooting of 14-Year-Old on SEPTA Platform in Philadelphia

Fatal Shooting of 14-Year-Old on SEPTA Platform in Philadelphia

On a SEPTA platform, a 14-year-old was shot and m*rdered on Saturday.

The suspect, a grown guy, has been named and is currently missing.

The incident took place shortly after 2 p.m. on a Market-Frankford Line train platform in the 5200 block of Market Street.

Police arrived on the site and discovered a male, age 14, who had been shot in the chest and arm.

The teenager was sent to Presbyterian Hospital, where he passed away shortly after arriving.

His identity has not yet been made public.

Action News has learned from sources that the victim and the male suspect got into a fight at the beginning of the incident. They said the adolescent hit the suspect, which is when things got physical.

At that point, the suspect allegedly reached for a weapon and fired at least two shots, striking the boy fatally. The man then hurriedly left the area.

Sources further revealed that the guy burned his clothes behind a laundromat nearby in an attempt to conceal the crime’s evidence.

Steve Keeley posted a tweet about this news:

Community Mourns

The information that another young youngster was k!lled by gun violence devastated the locals.

“Every day, children are k!lling one another. West Philadelphia resident Walter Briggs declared, “It must end.

According to Briggs, the way things are going makes him doubt that the shootings would ever stop.

Too much negativity in video games and on television, he complained. “Deteriorates their common sense, and today we need common sense.”

He continued by saying that, barring a significant mental shift on the part of everyone in the city, he believes it will only be a matter of time until something similar occurs again.

“It takes a man to raise a child and a village to raise a group of children, so we all need to come together … and act as a group and see if we can all come together and stop this violence in Philadelphia,” he said.

No one has been arrested, and no weapons have been found, police say.

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Philadelphia police are requesting that anyone with knowledge about the incident give them a call right away.

The following statement about the shooting was made by SEPTA officials:

“This was a horrific incident, and SEPTA is working closely with Philadelphia police to find the suspect in this case. SEPTA serves over 600,000 riders a day, and the vast majority get to-and-from their destinations without incident. However, even one violent crime is too many, and we are continuing to adjust police patrols and add officers to our ranks so we can address hot spots while providing police coverage across the system.”

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