Florida Law Allows Doctors to Deny Coverage Based on Personal Beliefs

Florida Law Allows Doctors to Deny Coverage Based on Personal Beliefs

Four pieces of legislation that Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law, according to him, will shield Floridians from pandemic medical requirements like masks and vaccinations.

He claims that taken as a whole, the package of acts he signed on Thursday is the strongest medical freedom legislation in the country.

Healthcare providers and insurers now have additional rights under SB1580, the medical conscience bill, including the choice not to participate in or pay for some medical procedures due to moral objections.

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“We want our doctors to use evidence-based treatment. DeSantis declared, “We don’t want to submit and just go along with the crowd.

The policy enables healthcare providers and insurers to refuse medical procedures that conflict with their moral, religious, or ethical principles.

Intense opposition to the measure has come from the LGBTQ+ community.

“These things are dangerous because the unintended consequences behind a lot of these are life and death for Floridians,” state senator Shevrin Jones said.

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Jones, the first openly gay state senator from Florida, is concerned that the law may result in medical discrimination.

“This is going to cause individuals to have to start shopping around to go find a doctor and look for an individual who is really, truly in need at that moment, and they really need that care and a doctor does not wanna provide those services,” Jones added.

This law’s opponents are already considering filing a lawsuit to challenge it. The law becomes effective on July 1.

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