Florida Man Claims Self-Defense in GF’s Fatal Shooting

Florida Man Claims Self-Defense in GF's Fatal Shooting

After fatally shooting his fiancée in the back and claiming to be acting in self-defense, a Florida man was detained and charged with murder. Richard Raciak, 48, was detained on Sunday morning, April 16, and he is currently charged with one count of first-degree murder with a firearm in connection with the death of Allison Sheehan.

The mother of Raciak’s child is a 46-year-old woman. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release about Raciak’s arrest on Monday that the 48-year-old “claimed it was self-defense when he shot Allison with her back to him,” according to Law&Crime.

‘I Had To Put Her Down’

Deputies from Orange County responded to Raciak’s residence in the 2800 block of Smithfield Drive on Sunday. When they arrived, they discovered Sheehan’s body in the master bedroom, where he had suffered several gunshot wounds.

When the woman arrived at Osceola Regional Hospital, she was declared dead shortly after. The alleged murderer, who was present at the crime scene, was taken to Hunter’s Creek Emergency Room, where he received treatment for his extreme dehydration.

Police called Raciak’s dad after the event. He had visited the house earlier on the day of the murder to honor the couple’s son’s birthday. At around 3.30 pm, he left the location.

However, the father of the suspect informed the investigators that he started receiving texts from his son at around 10.30 pm in which he discussed a violent altercation with Sheehan. I was being attacked by Allison. I was forced to shoot. She had to be put down by me for my own safety. was my only option. Raciak added in the text messages, “Waiting on cops.”

Raciak Emailed Pictures Of The Victim’s Corpse To His Father And Sibling

Raciak pleaded with his father and brother to get the money out of his safe. He also sent each of them a picture of the victim’s corpse. The suspect told the detectives that he and his girlfriend had been dating for almost eight years after being released from the facility.

He said that Sheehan consumed large amounts of wine at their son’s birthday celebration. Later on, that day, following their fight, the woman attacked Raciak. Sheehan allegedly tried to “claw” Raciak’s eyes out before being shoved against a dresser, according to Raciak.

The man then took a pistol with a.40 calibers that was kept in a biometric safe on the nightstand. He allegedly told officers that he wanted to “put her down” and that he was going to shoot her in the leg. He then asserted that he “aimed high” by accident and fired four shots into her back. According to Orlando-News, the suspect acknowledged shooting her as she moved in the opposite direction and turned away from him.

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