Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery: How Did She Appear Before That?

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery

Kurt Cobain, the renowned rock artist who co-founded the legendary rock group “Nirvana,” served as its lead vocalist, principal songwriter, and only child. Frances Bean Cobain is his only child. Frances Bean Cobain, an American model and visual artist, was born in Los Angeles in August 1992.

She also holds the publicity rights to her father’s name and picture. Frances Bean Cobain is named after the well-known Scottish indie music artist guitarist Frances McKee. Her godparents are R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe and Hollywood actor Drew Barrymore.

Kurt Cobain, her father, came up with the concept for her middle name since she seemed to resemble a “kidney bean” in the sonogram pictures. Additionally, Nirvana’s 1992 single album “Lithium” featured this picture.

Frances has had a varied career. She began as a model and appeared in the UK edition of Elle. She then pursued painting and other endeavors, such as an internship with the Rolling Stones magazine. Her father’s life was the subject of the film “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck,” which she executive produced in addition to appearing as a guest vocalist on an Evelyn Evelyn song.

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Details

Above all, Frances Bean Cobain’s evolving appearance has been a common topic of conversation in the public sphere. People are often talking about her and how, since she was very young, she has had numerous cosmetic procedures done to change the way she looks.

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery
Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery

They claim that Frances and her mother Courtney Love are similar in this regard, having both repeatedly decided to have surgery to alter their natural appearances. She certainly looks wonderful, especially with her incredibly pale blue eyes that bring to mind her famous father, rock artist Kurt Cobain.

The public, however, finds it hard to comprehend Frances’s desire for plastic surgery at such a young age, despite her stunning beauty. Rumor has it that Frances has kept every one of her natural features, including her nose job, breast augmentation surgery, lip fillers, and implants in her chin.

We have to admit that her lip implants are the telltale sign, even though she has recently acknowledged rumors that she chose to have plastic surgery. We mean to imply that her lip augmentation operation is not discreet at all and that anyone looking at her before and after pictures can clearly see the difference in her appearance.

Her lips were small and thin before, but they have substantially plumped up—a transformation that is difficult to overlook. Nonetheless, we cannot dispute that her skillfully placed lip implants have given her a more seductive appearance.

Let’s move on to her cheek implants. A number of social media users have mentioned that Frances decided to get cheek fillers since she was still unhappy with the way she looked even after getting her lips augmented.

But we find it strange that a young woman like her would choose this choice, which is common among older women; it’s not like she needs to combat the aging symptoms of her face, which include sunken cheeks and sagging skin.

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As if having these two operations wasn’t enough, there have also been speculations that France Bean Cobain is undergoing a nose job or rhinoplasty. Her mother’s remark from 2011 that Frances wanted a nose operation done but that she disagreed with her daughter on the matter added gasoline to the flames.

Her nose used to be somewhat bigger with a wider nose bridge, as you can clearly see when you compare the before and after photos. However, her nose has become much more polished and slimmer, which only enhances her already gorgeous appearance.

Outcome Posted on October 24, 2023:

There have also been a ton of rumors circulating about the 21-year-old model and visual artist undergoing breast augmentation surgery. She must have used cosmetic surgery to raise her bust line because, like many others, she must have aspired to have that “ideal” fantasy figure.

Her recent photos also make it quite evident that her busts have grown larger and harder than they were previously, which has led to rumors of breast implants. If you liked this article, please tell us what you thought by commenting below. Follow us on Twitter to learn more about the other celebrity you want.

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