How To Breed Maw In My Singing Monsters: Where Did Epic Maw Come From In My Singing Monsters?

How To Breed Maw In My Singing Monsters

The primary objective of the smartphone game My Singing Monsters is to gather a menagerie of strange animals, nurture them into adulthood, and then listen to them sing, so forming your own personal symphony. The pink-furred, eyeless Maw is one of the first monsters you can obtain in My Singing Monsters, and it can be bred to produce more Maw. Here we cover how to Breed Maw in My Singing Monsters.

How To Breed Maw In My Singing Monsters?

Easy to breed from Cold and Water elemental single-element monsters, the greatest combination for Maw in My Singing Monsters is Mammott (Water) and Toe Jammer (Cold). Each of these monsters may be purchased from the Market for 300 Gold and 250 Gold, respectively. Maw is a breedable, non-transferable monster that can be found on any island.

  • Island of Plants
  • Islands of Cold
  • Isla del Aéreo
  • Island of the Tribe of the Burning Oasis
  • The Island of the Colossal Musicians
  • Golden Island

Select the monsters you wish to use in the breeding procedure, press the Breeding Structure, and then wait for the Maw to be born. Maw, like Drumpler and Fwog, is one of the few monsters that can be born in under half an hour. Alternatively, you can pay with Diamonds to skip the queue.

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Once you reach Level 7, you can purchase a Breeding Structure for 200 Gold or 10 Shards from the Market by selecting the Structures menu after clicking the Market icon. After the timer on the Nursery expires, you can tap it to deploy the Maw to any Island.

The Secret To Creating Rare And Epic Maw In My Singing Monsters

The Secret To Creating Rare And Epic Maw In My Singing Monsters

Although the Rare form of Maw can be bred at any time using Mammott and Toe Jammer, it is only available during certain times. It can be bred in 60 minutes to an hour (or with 1 Diamond) or purchased from StarShop for 750 Starpower.

In contrast, you can only get Epic Maw during Seasonal Events, and the required ingredients vary from island to island.

Bowgart (Plant, Water, Cold) + Drumpler = Plant Island (Earth, Cold)
Spunge (air, plant, and water) + Furcorn = Cold Island (Plant, Cold)
T-Rox (Earth, Water, Cold) + Quibble = Air Island (Air, Water)
Whaddle (Air, Water) + Pango = Fire Oasis (Air, Cold)

Where Did Epic Maw Come From In My Singing Monsters?

The monster known simply as Maw has a more powerful counterpart in My Singing Monsters known as Epic Maw. It appears to be pretty interesting, but the only way to earn it is through participation in time-limited events. On the other hand, if you enjoy playing the regular version of Maw, then we strongly suggest that you pick up this monster.

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