Is Christopher Plummer Still Alive: In 1970 Plummer Tied the Knot With Elaine Taylor

Is Christopher Plummer Still Alive

Is Christopher Plummer Still Alive: Canadian actor Christopher Plummer became a household name thanks to his role as Baron von Trapp in the blockbuster film The Sound of Music. Plummer, one of Canada’s most celebrated performers, became known for his portrayals of such literary greats as Leo Tolstoy and Rudyard Kipling in films. Beginning his career in musicals, he performed on Broadway.

Plummer’s deep and sonorous baritone was a major factor in his landing award-winning and critically lauded parts, along with his commanding on-screen presence. He frequently works with prestigious theatre companies including the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre. Plummer had greater success later in his career when his movies became commercial successes and critical darlings.

Plummer’s impressive resume spans more than five decades, and it includes an Academy Award, many Tony Awards, and a British Academy Film Award, among many others. Later, he was enshrined onto Canada’s Walk of Fame after being awarded the country’s second-highest honor, Companion of the Order of Canada.

Is Christopher Plummer Still Alive?

The renowned actor Christopher Plummer passed away on February 5, 2021, at the age of 91, as reported by the Associated Press. In 2010, the Associated Press observed that the attractive Canadian-born Hollywood star, who played Captain Von Trapp in the classic film The Sound of Music, had become the “oldest Academy Award acting winner in history.”

As stated by The New York Times, Plummer has “seven decades” of experience and “an Oscar, two Tonys, and two Emmys” for his work. It was reported in the New York Times that Plummer received “critical lionization” for his Shakespearean performances, particularly his King Lear on Broadway in 2002.

According to The Guardian, when Plummer passed away, he was “with his wife of 53 years, Elaine Taylor, at home in Connecticut.” Chris was an incredible man who loved and appreciated his job with great old-fashioned manners, self-deprecating humor, and the music of words, according to a statement released by longtime manager Lou Pitt and acquired by The Guardian.

“He was cherished by his country and proud of his Canadian heritage. He moved us all with his work and his humanity, and his story will live on as a legend for future generations. We will carry his memory with us always.”

The Death of Christopher Plummer Was Unintentional

It was reported that an accident led to Christopher Plummer‘s death. According to The New York Times, Elaine Taylor, Mr. Taylor’s wife, stated that the cause of death was a knock to the head sustained during a fall.

Plummer’s depiction of Austrian naval commander Georg von Trapp opposite Julie Andrews in the classic musical film The Sound of Music may eternally cement the actor’s place in moviegoers’ hearts, but he has a lengthy and varied acting career. The New York Post reports that he will voice a character in the 2021 animated feature Heroes of the Golden Mask.

Refusing to slow down any time soon, he told the Associated Press that he had no plans to retire. “In short, I adore my job. Simply put, I enjoy my work very much “A clarification was provided by him. “And I feel terrible for the vast majority of people who despise their work and count the days till retirement, which is, of course, the ultimate end. Not in my lifetime! My ultimate goal is to pass out throughout my performance. My heart’s desire is to do exactly that.”

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Was Christopher Plummer Married?

In 1956, he wed Tammy Grimes

In 1956, he wed Tammy Grimes

Plummer wed fellow American actress Tammy Grimes before he began his cinematic career. Perhaps Grimes’s most recognizable contribution to the theatre is her Tony Award–winning performance as the title character in the legendary musical The Unsinkable Molly Brown. In addition, she was Dorothy Brock in the smash hit musical 42nd Street.

The marriage of Plummer and Grimes took place in the year 1956. Amanda Plummer, their daughter, was born to them that year. In 1960, Grimes and Plummer split up. According to an article she wrote for the Christian Science Monitor in 1980, she broke up with him “by calling the studio and having his stage manager deliver a message to her husband.”

Plummer and His Second Wife Patricia Lewis

Plummer remarried before he became famous in the movies. They were married in 1962, and she was a journalist. After five years of marriage, in 1967, they decided to separate. Although not much is known about their history together, rumors have it that they were having problems during the 1964 filming of The Sound of Music.

It was reported in a 2015 ABC News interview that “Plummer’s answer [to his marriage problems] was to go out every night playing piano and drinking in hotels.” He also added that “the only things that stopped [them] were [Andrews’] children and geography,” implying that he and Andrews might have had an affair if not for those factors.

In 1970 Plummer Tied the Knot With Elaine Taylor

A few years following his split from Lewis, Plummer tied the knot for the third and final time. While filming the British musical comedy Lock Up Your Daughters, he met Elaine Taylor, an English actor. Plummer was a decade older than Taylor, who was in his twenties when they met.

Plummer and Taylor will have been married 50 years come October 2020. When asked about her, he said, “She’s my best friend,” to Everything Zoomer in 2019. We can split up during the day and discuss it over dinner. Neither of us is trying to line the pockets of the other. As dull as it is, [it] is the kiss of death for any marriage. I know I’m blessed.

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