Is Mulan Based On A True Story? Can We Expect A Sequel To Mulan? 

Is Mulan Based On A True Story

The day Disney+ users have been waiting for has arrived: the live-action Mulan remake may now be viewed at no additional cost. There is no need to pay Premium Access’s previous monthly charge of $29.99. Any Disney+ user may see Liu Yifei use her martial arts skills to defend her family’s house.

The story of Mulan takes place in China in the 15th century, and it follows a young warrior who is on the edge of saving the empire. The obstacle is that the fighter is a woman named Mulan (Yifei), who is getting married instead of warfare training. As Mulan learns that her elderly father, Hua Zhou (Tzi Ma), will be conscripted, she ties back her hair and dons the masculine costume.

There are many similarities to the tale of the 1998 animated Disney classic Mulan, which included the feisty red dragon Mushu (voiced by Eddie Murphy), thrilling musical moments, and an epic love story. The new film tells the narrative of Mulan with outstanding combat choreography and martial arts pros in place of most of the backstory.

But is the Mulan story genuine, either way? Did she hide her true identity to stave off invaders? Briefly, Mulan’s backstory goes as follows:

Is Mulan Based On A True Story?

Neither the 1998 film nor the 2020 film set in the same world are based on a true story. No, Mulan is not based on a true story, to put it briefly. Nonetheless, Mulan’s backstory is quite impressive.

The fictional folk tale on which Mulan is based dates back to the time of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, centuries before the popular retelling of the story that took place in the 15th century. To be more precise, the fourth through sixth centuries.

The story was inspired by a song called “The Ballad of Mulan,” which told the tale of a young woman named Mulan who became a warrior in her father’s stead. That was a fairytale, a narrative related to kids before bedtime, with no real basis.

As playwright Xu Wei staged the Ballad of Mulan in 1593 with the title The Female Mulan, the expanded version of the story became increasingly well-known. It may come as a surprise, but several other film versions of Mulan were released before the 1998 version. During the past 15 centuries, Mulan’s tale has been adapted into numerous media forms.

Who Was The Original Mulan?

Who Was The Original Mulan

The Ballad of Mulan narrates the story of Mulan, a courageous female fighter who served as a soldier in China during the Northern and Southern dynasties. There are several variations on this story, but the original poem is the most well-known (between 420 and 589 CE).

Just as in the cartoon, she wore male garb and enlisted in the army to protect her frail veteran father from being killed in action after being recruited for a second time by imperial decree.

But the 1998 film and the old text are very different. The film makes sure to rectify the factual mistake that in the song, Mulan battled against Rouran invaders rather than the Huns. Disney’s animated feature, like the live-action version, condenses its historical setting.

Mulan spent twelve years in the army before the Emperor offered her a position in his ministry in the Ballad of Mulan. After turning down the offer, Mulan returned to her village in Hunan. She had been pretending to be a guy for over a decade when she eventually told her male comrades the truth, and they were horrified.

Can We Expect A Sequel To Mulan?

No, not in the meaning of the song or the 15th-century theatre version of it. The events of Mulan do not continue in any way. Since the 1998 animated film Mulan was a huge success, a sequel was released in 2002.

This may mean Disney is planning a sequel to the live-action Mulan adaptation, but they haven’t confirmed anything yet. There’s even a cliffhanger at the end of this Mulan, suggesting more to come from the warrior.

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