Is The Snow Girl On Netflix Based On A True Story, What Is It Based On?

Is The Snow Girl On Netflix Based On A True Story

Enjoyably dark and adult, “The Snow Girl” (or “La Chica de Nieve” in its original Spanish) is a murder mystery thriller with just the right amount of suspense to keep you guessing. The series follows a journalist as she investigates the abduction and potential kidnapping of a young girl, aged five, and there are times when it could be mistaken for a true-crime dramatization.

However, the show is based on a book by Javier Castillo of the same name, therefore that’s not the case. The suspense in “The Snow Girl” is high throughout, unlike in several other crime thrillers where it tends to tail off at the finish.

Is The Snow Girl On Netflix Based On A True Story?

The Snow Girl, or La Chica de Nieve in its original Spanish, is a six-part animated series. Milena Smit plays the role of the investigative reporter looking into the disappearance of 5-year-old Amaya at a Malaga Christmas parade. The distressing story, however, was originally published in a book by Javier Castillo in the year 2020.

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The success of his writings has brought him widespread acclaim, and offers to adopt them are sure to flood in soon. Although it reads like a true story, this is actually a plot from a book. As such, despite the brutality of the event shown in The Snow Girl, the film is not based on a factual story.

The Snow Girl Seems Like A Book, What Is It Based On?

The Snow Girl Seems Like A Book, What Is It Based On

Castillo has stated that the inspiration for The Snow Girl came to him when he was out for a stroll with his wife and small daughter and, upon letting go of his daughter’s hand, experienced a brief moment of panic at the thought of anything terrible happening to his own child. As a result of this profound existential crisis, the novel La chica de nieve (The Snow Girl) was written.

Should I Waste My Time On The Snow Girl?

A 6.9/10 average rating on IMDB and a 90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes indicate that the show is performing well. A 3.5/5 rating was given on this site, with the reviewer writing, “A tough watch but is a beautifully structured and engaging crime thriller.”

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The no-holds-barred thriller may be inspired by the immensely famous Nordic Noir subgenre, but the setting of the story in Spain has a few challenges. This is an admirable effort, but the climate and geography of Spain just aren’t suited to this aesthetic in the same way that the dreary landscapes of the Nordic countries are.

Spain may be linked with the sun, but in order to compete with similar events, it will need to strike at least some sort of tone and atmosphere. It’s worth noting that Netflix has demonstrated an interest in adapting other novels with comparable themes.

The Snow Girl, it seems, is worth watching if you’re a lover of the genre, however, some have complained that after the show’s initial mystery is introduced, it devolves into soap opera territory.

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