It’s Been 3 Years Since Jujutsu Kaisen Revealed Nobara’s Status

It's Been 3 Years Since Jujutsu Kaisen Revealed Nobara's Status

There were more fatalities in the Shibuya Incident arc than ever before. Nobara Kugisaki, the protagonist of the series, is probably one of them. It appears, though, that Gege Akutami has no desire to disclose Nobara’s position in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Jujutsu Kaisen is well known for emphasizing its female characters because they are frequently skilled fighters. Nobara Kugisaki, the sole female student in the first year of Jujutsu Tech High School, is one such figure. She is a fantastic Jujutsu Sorceress and the ideal combatant to fight with Yuji Itadori.

Nobara has repeatedly demonstrated her strength and helped her pals whenever she can. She is also capable of using Black Flash, a Sorcerer-exclusive move. Her abilities are demonstrated by the fact that Nobara and Yuji are able to defeat two special-grade curses in the Death Painting storyline.

The best trio of the series, however, is torn apart by the Shibuya Incident storyline in the worst way imaginable. Even though the Jujutsu Kaisen manga is nearing its conclusion, Nobara’s condition has not yet received a status update.

How Does Nobara Fare Throughout the Shibuya Incident Arc?

How Does Nobara Fare Throughout the Shibuya Incident Arc

In the Shibuya Incident arc, Nobara encounters the infamous Mahito curse. Since Mahito is aware that Nobara is also his natural foe in addition to Yuji, the combat is incredibly exciting. Patchwork Curse underestimates his adversary, but Nobara devises a defense against Idle Transfiguration.

Fans are well aware that Mahito will react negligently to any kind of physical assault. However, Nobara’s Resonance has the ability to strike the curse’s body and soul directly. However, Yuji uses only brute force to overthrow Mahito and put an end to his tyranny.

The team is performing admirably until Mahito grazes Nobara’s face. The moment Nobara touches her face, the image abruptly shifts to a flashback. Saori, who is curious about what Nobara is doing these days, is also revealed in the series. Nobara requests Yuji to inform everyone that “it wasn’t so bad” after the flashback is over before passing out.

She has fatal injuries to her head and has lost half of her face, including her eye. After Sukuna’s rampage and witnessing Nanami’s death, Yuji had already reached his breaking point by that moment. He then loses his last shred of reason upon witnessing Nobara’s fall and ultimately gives up on life.

After being jolted out of it by Aoi Todo, he hardly makes it back. Arata Nitta, a first-year student of Kyoto Jujutsu High, travels with Aoi. Arata can halt the bleeding and prevent further damage, but he cannot heal wounds. Although he treats Nobara right away, he cannot guarantee her survival.

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Nobara’s Status a Mystery After 3 Years

Despite numerous tabloids reporting that Nobara passed away during her battle with Mahito, the manga has not yet made this allegation official. Yuji and Megumi discuss their desire to prevent Kurusu from taking Nobara’s place as a replacement in chapter 210. Although it was published in January 2023, this chapter makes no mention of her situation.

Nobara won’t be joining the fight again, and Chapter 210 simply confirms that, but there isn’t enough proof to declare her dead. Arata reports that Nobara has no pulse and isn’t breathing in chapter 127 of Jujutsu Kaisen, which is the most recent information we do know about Nobara’s condition. Though it hasn’t been long since she was hurt, he has already stopped her bleeding.

Arata states that she still has a slim chance of living, but he does not promise that she will. Before warning Yuji not to get his expectations up too much, he withdraws with Nobara to seek her more skilled therapy. Fans have yet to see Nobara since that time.

It was published in October 2020. This indicates that Jujutsu Kaisen hasn’t provided any information regarding Nobara’s status in almost three years. It’s possible that she died after suffering fatal injuries from Mahito, despite the manga’s lack of confirmation of her demise. This would be bad news for Kugisaki’s fans.

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