Jerry Springer Net Worth: How Much Did He Get Paid to Be on the ‘Jerry Springer Show’?

Jerry Springer Net Worth

After over three decades at the helm of his eponymous talk show, Jerry Springer is an unmistakable presence in contemporary popular culture. His approximately 5,000 episodes of chaos and disorder attracted millions of spectators.

If you have as big of an impact on the world as Jerry did, you’re probably going to get paid pretty well for it. When Jerry passed away, how much money did he have?

Jerry Springer Net Worth

Jerry Springer left behind $60 million when he passed away. Springer’s family reportedly told TMZ that he passed away after a “brief illness,” although other reports indicate that he died of pancreatic cancer.

The tweet below confirms Jerry Springer’s net worth:

He rose to fame as the host of the now-infamous Jerry Springer Show but came from modest roots. While completing his undergraduate degree at Tulane University, Springer worked as a broadcaster for a student radio station.

Jerry entered politics soon after finishing university. He worked on Robert Kennedy’s campaign and was later elected to the city council of Cincinnati, Ohio. Popular works by Springer, such as “The Springer Memorandum,” paved the way for his success in the media industry. The network eventually hired him to cover politics for them.

In 1991, The Jerry Springer Show debuted, however, it didn’t resemble its eventual incarnation at all. Originally intended as a forum for political discussion, the show’s concept was altered in 1994.

In addition to hosting and producing The Steve Wilkos Show and America’s Got Talent, Jerry Springer has gone on to host America’s Got Talent for multiple seasons. In 2022, Springer hosted Judge Jerry and appeared on The Masked Singer.

How Much Did He Get Paid to Be on the ‘Jerry Springer Show’?

How Much Did He Get Paid to Be on the 'Jerry Springer Show'

After a sluggish first season as simply another generic daytime talk show of the day, Jerry Springer’s “The Jerry Springer Show” went global. The format of the show was changed at the same time to include more controversial material for its viewers. It got to the point where fights broke out often on set as the show sought larger ratings.

But the strategy was successful, and the show soon became the daytime talk show with the most views, even more than Oprah Winfrey’s. When Springer was at the height of his popularity, he was bringing in $8 million annually. The show didn’t shy away from the criticism it received for its antics, which led TV Guide to dub it “the worst TV show of all time” and popularize the term “Trash TV.”

However, this came at a cost, as family-focused groups launched a campaign to pressure sponsors into dropping the show. The CEO of Studios USA, where ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ is produced, has also requested that the fighting be stopped. The show’s popularity began to wane, but its core fan base remained steadfast.

In 2000, Springer was signed to a five-year, $30 million contract extension for the show. ‘Judge Jerry’ aired for three seasons after Jerry Springer’s show ended in 2018.

While Springer is best known for his role as Dr. Evil’s guest on “The Jerry Springer Show” in the film “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,” he has also appeared in other acting roles. A fight ensued, as expected, but this time it was Springer getting physical.

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