The Honest Truth About Jessica Alba Net Worth: How Her Business Ventures Made Her a Fortune

Jessica Alba Net Worth

Jessica Alba has achieved unparalleled success as both an actor and a businesswoman. She started acting when she was young, and by the time she was 31, she had made enough money in Hollywood to take the plunge and help build a multibillion-dollar business. Her tremendous wealth is the direct result of her company’s meteoric rise after its inception.

Here we’ll take a closer look at Jessica Alba’s financial situation, including her current wealth as well as its growth and decline over time. If you’re ready to get into some cold hard figures, read on.

Jessica Alba Net Worth

A net worth of $100 million makes Jessica Alba one of the wealthiest celebrities in the world. Jessica Alba is a well-known actress who has starred in blockbuster movies including “Fantastic Four” and “Good Luck Chuck.” She is well-known in the business world as the co-founder of the popular line of environmentally friendly baby and household goods made by The Honest Company.

Jessica owned 5.56 million shares (including options) of The Honest Company on the day it went public in May 2021. Her share was worth $130 million before taxes at the stock’s initial public offering price of $23. In March of 2022, when the stock price had fallen to roughly $5, her share was still worth about $25 million.

What is Jessica Alba’s Annual Salary?

About $2.7 million is Jessica Alba’s annual compensation package, including her salary of about $700,000, a bonus of about $500,000, and $1.5 million in restricted stock units. In spite of this, when bonuses and stock awards were included, she made close to $9 million in 2021.

It’s trickier to forecast how much she’ll make in 2022 when you factor in what she gets from side projects and current Hollywood products, but it’s safe to say it’ll be more than in 2021 and less than in 2023.

Even so, we can still estimate, with some degree of certainty, how much Jessica Alba earns annually in 2023, based solely on her net worth.

These financial measures will be based on her estimated net worth of $100 million. Our statistics below will give you a general approximation of Jessica Alba’s daily, monthly, and yearly income in case you’ve ever wondered.

This figure is based on the assumption that Jessica Alba is a competent investor who can generate a yield of 4% per year on her combined $100 million net worth (we chose 4% since it is a very reasonable return to expect, given that historical returns on safe assets have been between 3% and 5%).

If Jessica Alba were to theoretically sell all of her possessions and reinvest the proceeds in a small portfolio of stocks, ETFs, or real estate investment trusts (REITs) yielding a conservative 4% in dividends each year, she would passively earn $4 million.

Alba’s Business Success: The Honest Company Worth Billions, but Share Price Drops

Alba's Business Success The Honest Company Worth Billions, but Share Price Drops

Alba has a successful business career outside of performing; she and partner Christopher Gavigan founded The Honest Company. Products for both babies and their parent’s homes and bodies are produced by The Honest Company, all of which are made with care for the environment in mind. Over $150 million annually is brought in by the company’s 275 employees.

The company’s market capitalization hit $1 billion in August 2014, when it raised $72 million (on top of the $52 million it had raised previously).

The company was estimated to be worth $1.7 billion back in August of 2015. About twenty percent of the business was now owned by Alba. That gave her an approximate pre-tax value of $200 million on her initial investment. The Series E funding round closed in October 2017, with the company’s valuation at $1 billion, down 57% from its previous estimate of $1.6 billion.

Alba owned approximately 6.2% of The Honest Company, or 5.65 million shares when it went public in May 2021. At the initial public offering price of $23, Alba’s share was worth around $130 million.

The share price of The Honest Company dropped to roughly $5 after about a year. The value of her holdings at that point was somewhere about $25 million.

Jessica Alba Buys $10 Million Beverly Hills Mansion Next to Lisa Vanderpump’s Estate

Alba paid Mike Medavoy, a film producer and Hollywood executive, over $10 million for a property in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, at the beginning of 2017. With the help of Kathleen and Tommy Clements of Clements Design, Alba and her husband Warren renovated the entire home. The couple was aided in the acquisition of the home by Alba’s father, a real estate agent.

Alba’s new home is not just a terrific find since it is located next to the mansion of restaurateur and reality star Lisa Vanderpump in the exclusive and gated community of Oak Pass Road, but also because of the star-studded neighborhood in which it sits. The 1,850,000-square-foot mansion on the estate’s 1.85 acres has classic features, such as high ceilings and lots of windows, that are indicative of classic Hamptons architecture.

Alba got a great deal on the property, which had been on the market for about $11 million, by negotiating a purchase price of $9.948 million. In 2011, Medavoy purchased the home for $6.425, so he must have made a tidy profit on the Beverly Hills location. Beyond the three-car garage and the expansive lawn and swimming pool of the estate is a two-story guesthouse.

A paparazzi-proof backyard is practically a need in the celebrity-filled Oak Pass Road neighborhood. The Vanderpumps aren’t the only famous neighbors; Jon Voight, Channing Tatum, and Demi Moore all live nearby, too.

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