Who is Jimmy Yang Girlfriend and Is He Married?

Jimmy Yang Girlfriend

It’s expected that Jimmy  Yang’s girlfriend would attract attention, given her role as muse in his stand-up specials.

Yang gave dating advice to PopSugar in 2021 after starring in his Netflix romantic comedy, Love Hard. “Don’t lie and be honest with other people, but also be honest with yourself,” he said.

“Be confident in yourself. Everybody has their shortcomings, whether they’re insecure about their looks, they’re insecure about their personality, or whatever it may be. There’s someone out there who would love you for that. So just be honest with who you are.”

Now, back to the lady love of Jimmy Yang. Who does he like, then? Find out more about his relationship in the following text.

Jimmy Yang Girlfriend

In September 2021, a photo of Yang and the tech entrepreneur Brianne Kimmel was posted to Kimmel’s Instagram, and the two were officially linked.


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At the Los Angeles premiere of Squid Game in November 2021, the couple made their red carpet debut. At the August 2022 premiere of Easter Sunday and the December 2022 Unforgettable Gala, an Asian American awards celebration, Kimmel accompanied Yang both times.

Vanity Fair stated in November 2021 that Yang and Kimmel’s relationship was “fairly new” at the time, but beyond that, not much is known. Kimmel’s March 2023 Instagram post of herself and Yang at a restaurant served as confirmation that the couple was still together. With the comment, “Turned a Tuesday into a staycation,” she shared a snapshot of herself relaxing at home on a Tuesday.


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Despite his transformation into a “romantic” after meeting Kimmel, Yang told PopSugar in 2021 that he wasn’t “much of a romantic” before. I wouldn’t call myself a romantic. He said, “That was fun hanging out with her, spending time with her parents. I would like to think I made a lot of sacrifices that weekend.

We had to fly Spirit Airlines because that was the only direct flight into Cleveland at the time. So that in itself was a massive sacrifice, having to sit on Spirit Airlines seats you can’t recline to go hang out in my girlfriend’s hometown.”

Who is Brianne Kimmel?

Who is Brianne Kimmel

Although Brianne’s birthplace was Ukraine, she spent her formative years in Youngstown, Ohio. She was born in Ukraine but now calls Los Angeles, California, USA home. Is Jimmy Kimmel’s sister Brianne Kimmel related to him? The venture entrepreneur has been tight-lipped about her personal life, but she is unrelated to Jimmy Kimmel.

She graduated with a degree in linguistics from Kent State University in Portage County, Ohio. She earned her degree there, and now she works as a journalist and mass communicator.

Worklife Ventures was founded and is led by venture capitalist Brianne Kimmel. In September of this year (2019), she founded a San Francisco Bay area business that is a creator-friendly venture capital organization that makes investments in cutting-edge workplace technology and services. Podia, Deel, Stir, Webflow, and Vantage are just a few of the start-ups that have received funding from Worklife Ventures.

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Is Jimmy Yang Married?

He is now seeing Brianne Kimmel but is not married. According to rumors, Jimmy Yang and Brianne started dating in 2021 after they both posted photos of themselves together on Instagram. They have been spotted together on other occasions since then, including the March 2022 world premiere of Apple’s Pachinko in Los Angeles.

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