Oscar-Winning Actor Joaquin Phoenix’s Net Worth: How He Makes His Money?

Joaquin Phoenix Net Worth

Although Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as Arthur Fleck in the DC Universe blockbuster Joker wowed audiences, you may be surprised to learn that it was not the highest-paying picture of his career.

Read on to get every detail about Joaquin Phoenix’s wealth.

Joaquin Phoenix Net Worth

With a net worth of $60 million, Joaquin Phoenix is an American actor, director, producer, and musician. His works “Walk the Line” (2005), “The Master” (2012), “Her” (2013), and “Joker” (2019) are all notable examples of his work. He has garnered numerous honors and accolades over his career, including an Oscar, a Grammy, and two Golden Globes.

How Joaquin Phoenix Makes His Money?

Phoenix is able to support himself mostly through his acting career. The Village ($5 million), Joker ($4.5 million), Walk the Line ($3.5 million), and Signs ($1 million) are listed as his four highest-grossing films on his official IMDB page. For his part in the Marquis de Sade movie Quills, he was paid a stunning $375,000.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Salary for Joker and Joker 2

Joaquin Phoenix's Salary for Joker and Joker 2

In the first “Joker” film, Joaquin received a salary of $4.5 million.

As we’ve already established, Joaquin and director Todd Phillips took pay cuts on the first “Joker” film in exchange for profit sharing. If Joaquin had, say, obtained a 5 percent cut of profits, that would have been $25 million more in his pocket. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Todd Phillips will receive over $100 million from his 20% share of the film’s profits. There has been no final confirmation of these figures.

The producer of “Joker 2” paid Joaquin $20 million in advance for his services. He will still have some residual points, though significantly less than in the original arrangement.

The tweet below shows the Joker 2 is coming:

It was rumored in September 2020 that Joaquin has signed a two-film contract to play the Joker. He’ll make $50 million for the two movies together. If there is a third installment, he will likely make $30 million, given that he made $20 million for the second picture.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Commitment to Humanitarianism

Joaquin is a committed humanitarian in addition to his professional career. In addition to his membership on the boards of Amnesty International and the Peace Alliance, he also serves on the board of directors for The Lunchbox Fund, an organization that provides meals to underprivileged children in South Africa.

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Joaquin Phoenix’s Real Estate Portfolio

Phoenix’s wealth is bolstered by his property holdings. The actor has two homes in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, California ($4.835 million in 2006 and $1.39 million in 2013). According to Trulia, the two homes are directly adjacent to one another.

People claimed in April 2020 that Phoenix had sold the New York City loft he had purchased with actor pal Casey Affleck for $3.135 million.

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